Just around the corner

Public Garden

Last time I tortured you with photos of snow so I thought this time I’d torture you with photos of what is mere months away. That’s right, this kind of thing is just around the corner. By corner I mean April.

The same day I trekked into Boston for the 26.2 thing I also walked thru the Boston Public Garden and Beacon Hill before hopping the train back home. The swan boats were already in action and shouts of Aflac rang out across the park. (No swans yet though.)

I split these shots into two sets and the first one has a few photos of the cherry trees (right?) in blossum on Commonwealth Ave before diving into the Garden. I’ll put up a post with a show of the Beacon Hill photos and a short story about them in a couple days. Better to pace yourself, yeah?

(View the slideshow in full-screen by clicking that button in the bottom right of the player after clicking play. Your Esc key exits full-screen.)

[tylr-slidr userID=”56813106@N00″ groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/0b1/sets/72157613385491963/[/tylr-slidr]