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Gamerscore on 1.1.13 Mistah Plow Gamerscore on 1.1.13

Well, another year bites the dust. Which is good because we all didn’t bite the dust. Take that Mayans! (Or at least those fools that believed they might be right.)

Anyway, that’s my score to start this year. Or end last year. Whatever.

The math indicates I increased by 6930 on the year and that is a negative delta from the previous year. A lot of that had to do with the few new games I played in 2012. More on that in a later post. (My avatar gives you a hint at which game I will choose as number one for the year.)

Meanwhile, Mister Plow continues to accelerate further away with an increase of 10462 but also with a negative delta.

Lastly, I am adding Mookie this year. I don’t know where he started from in 2012, but we’ll know for next year. Until that, happy gaming to all of us.

MookieLikey Gamerscore on 1.1.13