Five nine seven seven nine

Gamerscore on 01.01.14 Gamerscore on 01.01.14

The decline in gaming continued like a snowball turning into an avalanche. Or something like that. Can a snowball really become an avalanche? I say no. It could become the really big bottom of a snowman. What?

So, there are many reasons why there hasn’t been much gaming. Most good. One bad, and that is there are no games released during the middle of the year anymore. This is when I actually have time to play because there’s no television to watch. The push to release for the holidays, and shortly after due to delays, has now skewed the schedule further. Therefore my goal is to save/space out games so I have them to play during the warmer months. When I don’t want to be roasting on a beach or whatever. I’m Irish. I burn easy. Regardless of how well the sunblock may have been applied, you always miss a spot. What?

Math Time. Last year started with 57839 and ends with 59779. That’s a delta of 1940. That is ridiculously low. Played a handful of games. Maybe! One or two were on the PS3 though and I did pick up an Xbox One on Day One for no particular reason. There are no exclusive launch titles for me. I am playing Assassin’s Creed IV however. If I ever feel motivated enough to write up the 2013 list of consumables–and go back and do the 2012 because I still have not–then I will specify further. Or maybe I just need to admit creative defeat. As creative as writing a list can be.

Meanwhile, Plow sold his Xbox 360 at some point during the past year on the promise of an Xbox One in the future. He reacquired a 360 at some point while I was not gaming so I don’t really know how long a lull there was for him. (He did keep his PS3 so played plenty of games I’m sure.) He started with 85200 and ends with 87485. So he still easily beat me with a 2285 delta.

Mook is in the same boat as me when it comes to gaming these days. He started with a 52805 and ends with 56580 for a 3775 delta. This of course bests both me and Plow.

I think I need to step up my game in 2014. Ugh. Awful pun.