Bad in Plaid

So, you clicked on the About page to find out more about me. I’m flattered and if you are looking to stalk me, then I am excited. I’ve never had a stalker before… oops, wait a minute, I did once. Hey, that should be a post!

The OB1og is suitable for children ages 16 to 40. The blog was created in April 2006 after working day, night and dreams on building a blog called The Ed Zone for my best buddy. It would seem that by encouraging my friend to write again that I found myself with that same interest, but the difference being I am not much of a writer. If you can decipher my first post, Walk This World, then maybe you can figure what I am doing here because I cannot, even though I wrote it!

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I went on a 3 day and 2 night Vision Quest for my Native American Anthropology class and had some weird, non-substance induced visions I should write about some time. Turns out fasting for that time (well, bread and water allowed) will cause you to get all funked up to go with a killer headache.
  • I was almost struck by lightning as a kid
  • I was almost in a tornado
  • I have been hit by a car while riding a bike (twice!)
  • I probably should have been struck by lightning another time
  • I have fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed a car (twice!)
  • I have been on a plane struck by lightning; Captain: “In case you were all wondering what that was, we just had a lightning strike off the nose of the aircraft, but everything is A-Okay”
  • I’m pretty sure I’m still not dead.

Oh, and that picture at the top is of me and I am probably like five. Yup, Bad in Plaid with a super Beatle’s mop-top cut!

Need to say something to me other than on a post? Type those word on a Contact form and pretend I read them in the future.

Not interested in any of that? Maybe you’ll be interested in the Changelog or Colophon.

Who isn’t?