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If you prefer, you can see my full photostream on Flickr. Leave comments and notes on the pictures and photo sets there as many posts linked to on this blog will have their comments closed already.


A Day at Fenway
:: 06.16.2012

  • I sure haven’t posted much photography over the last two years I guess. Well, I am hitting on it everywhere–Facebook, Flickr, and here–with this one. It was a great experience.

Marine Week
:: 05.06.2010

  • Boston was invaded by the United States Marines and I took some snaps and wrote some words about their wonderful equipment. Nothing like seeing children treat a tool of war as a jungle gym.

Suns v. Celtics
:: 01.02.2010

  • No, the game wasn’t that day, but some other one. Stupid TD Garden doesn’t allow cameras with detachable lenses, so all you get are iPhone pics and some vids. I’m still so mad about not bringing a good camera for courtside seats that I didn’t write about it.

Lewisburg PA
:: 01.02.2010

  • I uploaded some iPhone photos from a walk around Lewisburg center. Nothing particularly awesome in here, so no words in the blog. Great sell, huh?

Happy blue year
:: 12.31.2009

  • Once in a blue moon I actually get a good shot of our moon. This was that shot (and some others).

:: 11.03.2009

  • I went to Roger Williams Park Zoo and realized that I am not a pumpkin carving artist. That’s okay, while I like what they have done with the place, I still like my pumpkin too.

Spring tres
:: 05.21.2009

  • Part three of the multi-part series. Also has women rowing boats. Enjoy.

Spring deux
:: 05.12.2009

  • Part two of a multi-part series of posts and photo sets from this Spring. I just realized I misspelled blossom on every photo of a “blossum” so now I have to go fix all my errors. That’s gonna be fun. You just look at the photos, okay? Go!

Spring one
:: 05.07.2009

  • Check that out: 05.07.09… anyway, I started a new multi-part series of posts and photo sets for stuff I have taken this Spring and this is the first part. Peep it fool!

Color and texture
:: 04.26.2009

  • Just a fancy title for some shots of two sunsets taken the first weekend of last November. I happened to have the time to go up to Granite Links both nights to watch and shoot the the sunsets and both were spectacular in their own ways. I also tried to shoot some leaves, but it was a bit too dark for all that and I don’t like the ISO boosted ones that did grab.

:: 04.14.2009

  • Yes, I am sharing old photos again and getting that much closer to being caught up. This set is of some leaves that I peeped locally — as in mostly my yard or down the street — this past Fall. You can find a post in the blog with more blabbing and a link to the set and an embedded slide show if you are super lazy.

Opening day
:: 04.08.2009

  • I went to my first ever Opening Day this year and took a decent amount of photos from my perch in the State Street Pavilion. A post about the game contains a slideshow and link to the photo set on Flickr.

Halloween cheerleaders
:: 04.02.2009

  • Even though these photos go with the previous entry and are part of that set as well, they have their own set since these are pretty different. Actually, they are part of a third set on Flickr too. Here’s a post with a link to one set and a slideshow.

Ram the cassel gate
:: 03.26.2009

She’s a witch
:: 02.18.2009

Flowers on a hill
:: 02.09.2009

Just around the corner
:: 02.05.2009

Let it snow. Again.
:: 01.27.2009

Twenty-six point two
:: 01.18.2009

The new uploads of old photos
:: 10.08.2008

Jaguars v Patriots
:: 01.17.2008

  • I posted some photos from the playoff game to flickr and a post with a short story in the blog (has a link to the set and slideshow).

Chargers v Patriots
:: 12.12.2007

  • After another long photo and blogging layoff, I posted some photos from the game to flickr and a post with a story about them in the blog (has a link to the slideshow).

Backyard stuff
:: 09.12.2007

  • Another aside with links to some new flower shots and of Wild Things in my Mom’s backyard.

More sunset
:: 08.31.2007

Angels v Red Sox II
:: 08.18.2007

  • A small sampling of photos from the MLB debut of Clay Buchholz. There’s a post to the blog to go along with it and you can find the link to the set therein.

More grrrl photos
:: 08.13.2007

  • Not the name of a set, but rather the aside with links to the sets. In fact, these photos are just added on to existing sets, so the aside has links to the date taken for each addition.

Flowers 2007 and Nantucket 2007
:: 08.10.2007

Phoned In
:: 08.09.2007

Devil Rays v Red Sox July 4th
:: 07.12.2007

  • Checked out the Devil Rays and Sox on the 4th of July from the good seats! Here’s a post about it (includes links to photoset within).

Tribe v Red Sox
:: 07.06.2007

  • Checked out Josh Beckett’s return from the DL with Joe on 05.29.2007 and my first Daisuke Matsuzaka start with Noelle on 05.30.2007. I did a full post to announce it within the blog since I have been a lazy blogger lately.

Braves v Red Sox
:: 06.07.2007

Angels v Red Sox
:: 05.26.2007

  • I finally put up photos from the first Sox game I went to this year. I had promised a couple times before. With the current layout of the site, I did the announcement as an aside and it has the link to the set on flickr.

Playoff Football
:: 03.04.2007

Newburyport Blizzard 2001
:: 02.11.2007

  • Slapped up some photos taken around Newburyport, Massachusetts in March of 2001 after a blizzard passed thru. I figured since we aren’t getting any snow this year, we might as well enjoy looking at some from years past.

Christmas Strolls Past
:: 12.09.2006

  • I have put up photo sets from Nantucket Christmas Strolls in 2001 and 2002.

Quebec City
:: 12.09.2006

  • I also put up a photo set from a trip to Quebec City between Christmas and New Years of 2000.

Sunday Night Football
:: 11.23.2006

Last Exit
:: 11.08.2006

  • I have put up the last of the photos from my recent trip to Californication. They were added to the Golden Gate Bridge (and Marin Headlands) and around San Francisco photo sets that were created last time out.

More Left Coast
:: 11.03.2006

Big Sur
:: 10.26.2006

  • I have put up the first set from my recent trip to Californication. This set is of a very long day trip down Highway 1 thru the Big Sur area.

Nantucket 2001
:: 09.14.2006

  • I have a new set from a day trip Mookie and I took to Nantucket. They were taken on September 2, 2001.

Going back to Cali
:: 08.22.2006 – 08.30.2006

Chatham Vacation
:: 08.18.2006

  • I have uploaded a new photo set from the last Scooby Chatham Vacation in 2001. The bikini photos and any beverage induced debauchery are marked Private for Friends only, so sign into or get your Flickr account and mark me as a Contact — I’ll then mark you as a Friend (if you are) — to see them.

:: 08.11.2006

  • I have uploaded two new photo sets from a trip to Texas in the very late Summer of 2003. Joe and I went to visit Mookie in Houston and we hit two games at Minute Maid Park and one game at The Ballpark at Arlington.

:: 08.03.2006

  • I have uploaded a new photo set from a trip to Nantucket during the late Summer of 2003. My Mom is down there now for a long weekend with family.

Safeco Field
:: 07.21.2006

  • I have uploaded a new photo set from my trip to Seattle in 2002 of Safeco Field. The Sox start their first series of the year out there tonight.

:: 07.14.2006

  • I have uploaded two new photo sets from my trip to Seattle in 2002: Seattle and Seattle Aquarium where you can find Nemo.

Johnson Space Center
:: 07.06.2006

  • I have uploaded a new photo set of photos taken on vacation to Houston Texas three years ago in honor of Tuesday’s shuttle launch.

Mt. St. Helens
:: 06.30.2006

  • I have uploaded a new photo set of photos taken on vacation to Portland Oregon four years ago. We drove up to Mt. St. Helens and it was just an amazing sight. So much destruction was caused and the area is still barely recovering.
  • I also uploaded a photo set of photos taken at the Oregon coast.

Portland Oregon
:: 06.24.2006

  • I have uploaded a new photo set of photos taken on vacation to Portland Oregon four years ago today. The roses at the Portland Rose Gardens were in full bloom at the time.
  • After posting I split up the Portland photo set into two sets and the second one is of the Japanese Garden and Pittock Mansion.

Turner Field – Part Deux
:: 06.21.2006

  • I updated the photo set on my account. The Pro upgrade finally went active, no thanks to slow ass PayPal and their 3 bidniz days wait. Anyway, the second game has been added to celebrate the Sox sweep of the Braves last weekend.

Turner Field
:: 06.16.2006

  • The Sox are playing down in Atlanta this weekend. Exactly 5 years ago, Joe and I flew down to see 2 of 3 games in the series so I thought I’d roll the clock back with a photo set on my Flickr account. More to come in a few days when my Flickr Pro account goes active… stupid PayPal. Here’s the first game.

Keen Eddie
:: 06.06.06 😈

  • Today is Ed’s birthday, so he gets the reverse treatment of his dogs and kids. They are cute, so they get good pictures. He is not, so he gets funny pictures.

Celebrating Aria Leigh
:: 05.31.2006

  • Colin and Aria had their birthdays celebrated over the weekend. Today is actually Aria’s 1st birthday, so in keeping with tradition I am posting some pictures of her and from the party. Some of them are poached from Ed and Andi, but I took them.

Water Everywhere
:: 05.21.2006

  • With all the rain we’ve had recently, I am posting a photo set of some pictures I took of the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge outside Portland Oregon. I took these in 2002 on a trip to visit my Uncle and family with my Mom.

The Black Dog
:: 05.14.2006

  • Chatham turned four on May 12th, so I am again celebrating a birthday with some of my favorite pictures of the birthday girl.

Celebrating Colin Edward
:: 05.05.2006

  • Today is Colin’s 3rd birthday so I am posting some of my favorite pictures I have taken over his first three years to celebrate.

Abby the Labby
:: 04.27.2006

  • Today is Abby’s 5th birthday so I am celebrating with some of my better photos of her over her first five years. She’s the sweetest dog ever!

Boston and Fenway
:: 04.16.2006

  • Yesterday was my first game of the season and I took my camera to document this year’s changes to the park. I also took some pictures around Boston — Comm Ave and Newbury St — on a walk thru the city after the game.

:: 04.12.2006

  • Just posting some random photos from my camera to kick off the Flickr section of my bloggy blog.