A Day at Fenway

Left field corner

This past Thursday I took a day off from work–only my third one this year–and took in Fenway Park. It was to celebrate Liberty Mutual’s 100th Anniversary at Fenway during it’s 100th Anniversary. I no longer work for Liberty Mutual but my friend Jay had an extra invite and knew I would love to go. He was right.

Tangent about good skin health and you can see the photos on Flickr or in the slideshow after the break…

I didn’t want the hassle of the dSLR so I had only my iPhone 4S to capture the time. It having a good camera and being outdoors and sunny–after a very overcast start to the day–worked out perfectly. In fact, I now wish I wore shorts. And sunblock. Well, a light Irish tan on the arms isn’t so bad and luckily the lotion I use has SPF 15 and it protected most of my face.

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