Three chins me

I put up some new photos tonight. One, which you can see above (at least at the time of this posting) is of me and my three chins. Yup, I’m now fat. Heck, this post needs a permanent link there…

The new photos were taken while down in Hyannisport and Nantucket a few weeks ago. I was visiting with family and the majority of the photos were of my younger cousins, which are marked family private on flickr. Have to keep these safe from the evil people trolling the interwebs.

There are some of Nantucket, but they are just newer, rinse-and-repeat of other shots I have taken in the past. Others are of the beautiful flowers and bushes around the Hyannisport cottage, which was more like a mansion, right down the street from the Shrivers’ and the Governator. I’m not even kidding.

If you can identify any of the flowers without a label, leave a comment on it. I would appreciate it.