Let it snow

I don’t know about you, but I left work at 12.45 (when I saw the first flake) and got home at 4.45. Of course, I made a mistake by getting off at Braintree instead of continuing on down the highway. Had I done that, maybe I make it home in three hours instead of four. The GPS in my new truck probably helped or hurt the commute. I can’t decide if taking side roads I didn’t know connected with other roads helped or hurt…

Anyway, I was just reading an article on boston.com about the event and was struck by this line:

“One person was killed when a man driving a snowmobile the wrong way in the center lane of Interstate 84 in Sturbridge collided with a tractor trailer at 1 a.m.”

Um… because he’s a dumbass redneck. That’s why he died. Snowmobile… on an Interstate… what do you expect?

Oh… pun intended.