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Two new words


I was reading up on comments over at The Ed Zone today and I was reminded of a post I had been meaning to post. You see, I think I have two new words to offer the lexicon, but you tell me. They aren’t quite on the level of a ginormous, but who can aim that big, right?

The first, which reminded me of this idea, stemmed from “bromance.” Now, the Urban Dictionary has all manner of definitions for the word, so going with the first in the list for brevity:

Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

I first caught wind of the term this summer, or late spring, when I read/heard that MTV was in town casting for Brody Jenner’s new show on MTV of the same name. I guess since Spencer broke up with him, he’s on the market for a new bro, or at least that’s w... Continue reading »


Red Ring of Death+2

Another one bites the dust.

At first, I thought The Simpsons Game was just glitching when Lisa blew a Saxophone attack and Marge was coming back to health. Then, it froze again on another big, loud event a minute after I started playing again. That was an exploding car. The third time happened about 10 seconds after I fired it up. The fourth power on was greeted with the Red Ring of Death.

Apparently this animal is not in danger of extinction.

Now, the current system was *manufactured* on 2007-08-23, therefore it has the older 90nm Zephyr chipset. It was the replacement for my first Red-ringed 360 last Fall. I have no idea what will be sent back this time, so tomorrow, I am going out to buy a Xbox 360 Arcade system. No, I am not playing GTA IV, I am playing The Simpsons Game (the one that revolves around Marge’s quest against an Itchy and Scratchy game of the same genre 😉 ) and Army of Two (with Ed) at the moment, but I am not waiting 3-4 weeks for a replacement given I use mine ... Continue reading »

Spambino ale

I prefer my April Fool’s jokes to be something that actually fools people, or rather, me, but that can be pretty hard when you read everything on the day with a grain of salt. That said, some are better than others in trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Anyway, I wasn’t going to follow up my previous aside with anything when I wrote it, but after a night of drinking tonight, I feel the need. So, let me start with what I culled from the internets today, and believe me, I wasn’t looking real hard, or really, at all…

Who’s watching Watchmen?

Okay, so I was close to the end of my current geek book, so before I left for work this morning, I remembered that I hadn’t finished reading Watchmen and knew that would be perfect new train fodder. I searched my house for 10 minutes looking for it after it wasn’t in my office, where it should have been. I gave up and left for work and had to suffer thru 1.5 train rides of staring at the odd people on the train. (I’m sure they don’t think that about me.)

I got home tonight and spent a further 15 minutes looking everywhere. Looking in the open, under furniture, in boxes, in the kitchen cabinets (and drawers) and nada. No Watchmen to be found.

I never lose anything. Ever.

So, the question is… did I lend it to someone? Anyone have it?

Let it snow

I don’t know about you, but I left work at 12.45 (when I saw the first flake) and got home at 4.45. Of course, I made a mistake by getting off at Braintree instead of continuing on down the highway. Had I done that, maybe I make it home in three hours instead of four. The GPS in my new truck probably helped or hurt the commute. I can’t decide if taking side roads I didn’t know connected with other roads helped or hurt…

Anyway, I was just reading an article on about the event and was struck by this line:

“One person was killed when a man driving a snowmobile the wrong way in the center lane of Interstate 84 in Sturbridge collided with a tractor trailer at 1 a.m.”

Um… because he’s a dumbass redneck. That’s why he died. Snowmobile… on an Interstate… what do you expect?

Oh… pun intended.

No pending repair

OMFG! My patience with Microsoft is being tested to its fullest now.

I logged into their wonderful support site tonight to check on the status of my brick and it states that I have “No pending repair.” Really?

It used to say something like “Received at facility” or some other such thing last week. Now I have to get on the horn and b!tch someone out I think.

I’ll give them until tomorrow to sort it out. I’m sure it is just another glitch in their carefully thought out site

Halo 2: softcore edition

You know how to sell an almost three year old Xbox game to PC gamers? Put a little nudity in it!

Hopefully it isn’t dudity of the Master Chief removing his codpiece… that wouldn’t go over so well with the fanboys… or, maybe it would.

I’m just having a hard time figuring out how you even integrate that into one of the game’s cutscenes. I’m guessing it would be there instead of, oh… I don’t know, a strip club that the Chief passes by in Cairo Station and you can have him stop in for a legs and eggs…


This is funny and weird. I happened to click on at the right time today to be presented with a photo of Tom Brady strolling the streets of NYC with his horse-faced girlfriend. It would seem the slow news day (???) has the guys at the Globe/web site looking to generate some buzz because he’s sporting a Yankee cap

Checking up on the count now, it looks like they are getting it too. I actually felt the need to comment because there were only a few lame ones when I got there. Sorry, but Papi wearing the cap for a commercial should generate more fan outrage than this…

D’oh, I should have said that! Not that anyone is probably reading the comments now anyway… but, check mine out at the bottom of page 2.

Lucky and Flo

I was relating the original story of Lucky and Flo to Ed when we took in 300 a few weeks ago. He’s an owner of two Labs and it was just an interesting story to relate, but I don’t have a link to the original story I read.

L&F are two Labs on loan to the Malaysians as weapons in the fight against CD/DVD pirates. Instead of  sniffing out bombs or drugs, they sniff out plastic-based entertainment warez. Anyway, since that time, there have been two more stories of their exploits, the latest being another big bust thanks to their finely tuned and trained snouts.

The middle story is the one I really wanted to comment on, and that is simply to question, WTF? What kind of a world is it when you put out a hit on two loveable Labs?


Happy April Fools Day Mr. Interwebs…

…now, go find that joke.

Click all up on my sh!t…