Blu-ray wins

So, did everyone that doesn’t own a HD DVD or Blu-ray player yawn like I did?

Toshiba blinked and conceded defeat in the HD optical disc format war today. This wasn’t that big a surprise I guess, although, it still shows that Sony has some weight left to throw around. That said, Sony just ended up on the winning side this time. After all, they lost on Betamax, DAT and MiniDisc. Wow, that’s three failed formats before producing another winner.

Okay, okay… they partnered with Phillips to produce the CD in there somewhere, but those same partners did lose out to Toshiba and others on the DVD front. I guess they turned the tables this time, but failed to avoid the format war that DVD did.

Yeah, shocking… I actually did a little wikipedia research for this one. I thought they were also the Laserdisc losers, but no, they didn’t invent that one either. Glad I checked my facts. I don’t want to be an interwebs fool.

Too late! :mrgreen:

So, it is now done… and, I don’t care. If I have a Blu-ray player, it will because it is in a PS3, and even then, only because I couldn’t resist the need to play Metal Gear Solid 4. I doubt I’d buy many or any Blu-ray movies. I’ll Netflix them, but otherwise, why bother? All this waiting has pointed out one thing to me… the internets are the future.

Yeah… I know… DUH!

Of course, not quite yet, but it has started. You can download HD content via iTunes (and AppleTV) and Netflix has already offered a Watch Now feature where you can stream a portion of their library while you wait on the snail-mailed good stuff.  And, yeah… the cable companies have been offering HD OnDemand movies too.

Anyway, once the digital streaming gets onto a better subscription based model, it will make the newly crowned Blu-ray obsolete (except on those flights or road trips). In fact, I’d say Netflix is already pretty close. If they add a temporary digital download to the mix, for portable hard drives in the car or lappies on the plane, it will be perfect.