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Carl on sports

Ever wanted to talk sports with Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Well… you can’t. But some dudes at The Sporting News can and they have clips on their blog. I am going to go check out his Week 2 NFL picks right now…

Blu-ray wins

So, did everyone that doesn’t own a HD DVD or Blu-ray player yawn like I did?

Toshiba blinked and conceded defeat in the HD optical disc format war today. This wasn’t that big a surprise I guess, although, it still shows that Sony has some weight left to throw around. That said, Sony just ended up on the winning side this time. After all, they lost on Betamax, DAT and MiniDisc. Wow, that’s three failed formats before producing another winner.

Okay, okay… they partnered with Phillips to produce the CD in there somewhere, but those same partners did lose out to Toshiba and others on the DVD front. I guess they turned the tables this time, but failed to avoid the format war that DVD did.

Yeah, shocking… I actually did a little wikipedia research for this one. I thought they were also the Laserdisc losers, but no, they didn’t invent that one either. Glad I checked my facts. I don’t want to be an interwebs fool.

Too late! :mrgreen:Continue reading »


Check out the new photoset [slideshow] I posted on Flickr from the July 4th Red Sox game. I coincidentally ended up selecting 76 photos to post. I swear. It was serendipity yet again. First 33 for Varitek and now this.

Anyway, these were taken from the really good lower box seats that are owned by Noelle’s company. Ed couldn’t make the game so I was called in from the bullpen. He’d been begging to see a game from there for years and when it is finally his turn, he can’t take it. He’s likely to never see them now! 😉

Did you watch the HR Derby the other night? I didn’t and I guess I didn’t miss anything… Rios vs. Vlad for the final? Puh-leaze. They need to work... Continue reading »


This is funny and weird. I happened to click on Boston.com at the right time today to be presented with a photo of Tom Brady strolling the streets of NYC with his horse-faced girlfriend. It would seem the slow news day (???) has the guys at the Globe/web site looking to generate some buzz because he’s sporting a Yankee cap

Checking up on the count now, it looks like they are getting it too. I actually felt the need to comment because there were only a few lame ones when I got there. Sorry, but Papi wearing the cap for a commercial should generate more fan outrage than this…

D’oh, I should have said that! Not that anyone is probably reading the comments now anyway… but, check mine out at the bottom of page 2.

Whoz ur daddy?

Blogging slash blogs turn 10. Who is really the first *blogger* on the interwebs? Who cares.

Scooby’s last bite?

The Scooby Speak domain is going to expire on March 3rd and I have no intention of renewing it, at least out of my own pocket. If, by some miracle, there is public outcry to preserve this neglected domain, speak your mind here.

As for the content and blog, I’ll likely not get around to moving it to my someword.com domain — maybe scooby.someword.com — until over the coming weekend. Again, if there’s no public outcry to preserve it, maybe I won’t bother…

Man town

Boston.com is running a couple photo galleries on “Man Caves.” In our circle we call it Man Town, but it is the same thing.

The first one is apparently built as part of a DIY show featuring meathead Tony Siragusa. Gotta love the individual recliners in the media room.

The second is of reader submissions. Some of these are outrageous. If any of us ever have anything resembling some of these, the females may never see us again except for when we want some, well… you know… which of course, we wouldn’t get!

So, would it be worth it?

My Charlie Brown Christmas

I know that pretty much everyone reads Scooby Speak, right?

Well, in case you don’t, I don’t want you to miss out on this gem that Joe found and posted over there.

Click for Cans

Not those kind of cans… the soup kind. Help the Pats move up the list and you’ll help make a donation (or something) to a food bank. It only takes one click and you don’t sign-up for anything…

Just do it now!

An explanation of what it is all about and the current results can also be found on the site.

RvB: Season 5

I like me. My Other Car is a Puma.

As a registered user, I got a little e-mail from Rooster Teeth on Tuesday to give some discount code for use in their store this holiday season.

“Hmm…” I thought, I haven’t been over there since the last season finished up. Let’s see whud up.

Well, whud up is Season 5 started at the end of September!

What, what, what???

That’s right, I’ve been missing out and so have you! If you count yourself as a Halo fan, you should be following what these guys do…