Twenty K

I magically hit the 20k gamerscore mark early this morning.

Gamerscore on 08.11.08

Okay, it wasn’t magic at all, but was with a sorta magical game… okay… a game with a small magical component… yeah… anyway, I had just defeated Ninja Gaiden II and was left just 30 points shy of 20k. My choice was simple, but completely ridiculous, get the Mission pack and complete 4 Karma Attack missions for the nice, round 30 I needed. Done and done. (More later on why this was ridiculous.)

Meanwhile, Ed blew past this mark long ago. In fact, that was his goal for the year and he smashed thru it roughly a third of the way in having already added 10k this year alone! He’s going to hit 30k by year end and I’m still going to shoot for my 24k mark.

He might be why I haven’t done one of these in awhile… due to my shame in not keeping pace with the father of two, husband of one, owner of two (might be other way around), full-time office drone and homeowner. I know he sleeps in there somewhere when also not gaming or writing reviews for Avault and posts for The Ed Zone. Amazing.