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Five nine seven seven nine

Gamerscore on 01.01.14 Gamerscore on 01.01.14

The decline in gaming continued like a snowball turning into an avalanche. Or something like that. Can a snowball really become an avalanche? I say no. It could become the really big bottom of a snowman. What?

So, there are many reasons why there hasn’t been much gaming. Most good. One bad, and that is there are no games released during the middle of the year anymore. This is when I actually have time to play because there’s no television to watch. The push to release for the holidays, and shortly after due to delays, has now skewed the schedule further. Therefore my goal is to save/space out games so I have them to play during the warmer months. When I don’t want to be roasting on a beach or whatever. I’m Irish. I burn easy. Regardless of how well the sunblock may have been applied, you always miss a spot. What?

Math Time. Last year started with 57839 and... Continue reading »

Five seven eight three nine

Gamerscore on 1.1.13 Mistah Plow Gamerscore on 1.1.13

Well, another year bites the dust. Which is good because we all didn’t bite the dust. Take that Mayans! (Or at least those fools that believed they might be right.)

Anyway, that’s my score to start this year. Or end last year. Whatever.

The math indicates I increased by 6930 on the year and that is a negative delta from the previous year. A lot of that had to do with the few new games I played in 2012. More on that in a later post. (My avatar gives you a hint at which game I will choose as number one for the year.)

Meanwhile, Mister Plow continues to accelerate further away with an increase of 10462 but also with a negative delta.

Lastly, I am adding Mookie this year. I don’t... Continue reading »

Five two zero five nine

Gamerscores on 05.08.12

I’d title it “Eighty K” or “Eight zero zero zero zero” but I hope to get there myself some day. Anyway, here’s what both are scores looked like yesterday. Not bad work for a little over four months of gaming. Congrats to Homer for getting his score back to a number evenly divisible by five and so very round. Wave to the crowd.

Year in consumables: 2011 games

Portal 2 cover artI love video games.

I hate video game publishers.

I guess that’s biting the hand that feeds you, but it is true. And, it is for a very simple reason. Their scheduling. The continued trend towards releasing new games in the Fall to capitalize on the pending holiday shopping season is killing me.

I get it. I understand that games cost a lot to develop, market and support. So they need to maximize their return on investment by releasing at the best time possible. But, I would argue it is the worst time possible. They are forced into competition with every other publisher and game doing the same exact thing. Thereby increasing the competition for people’s dollars. And games aren’t cheap these days, which has led to rising reliance on used game sales, which the publishers hate because they don’t get a piece of that. So then we get stuck with there attempts to curb that by adding on weak multiplayer experiences in games that should not have them. And... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2010 games

Halo: Reach cover artAnd you, future OB1, went crazy as past OB1, writing lists on this day.

Unfortunately, there is no summer 2010 post to fall back on for a games post, so this is straight thoughtworks. Why couldn’t past, past OB1 have written a half year post on games instead of wasting his time on movies. That would have been more useful right now since past OB1 didn’t want to write about movies anymore. (Because they mostly all suck.)

Good thing your Xbox Live achievements will help guide you in making out this list, although you maybe played a PS3 game or two. Maybe. We’ll have to see, but doubtful it would make a ranking list. Continue reading »

Five zero nine zero nine

So, this is my first post of the year and my first post in a year. It is just my annual tally of Gamerscores for my own nerd purposes. Example, tracking my inadequacy as it relates to Mistah Plow. This year also saw another change to the Xbox web site, which is a nice one, but the concept of gamer cards is pretty much gone now. So, I decided to use my iPhone to grab a couple screen caps using the Xbox Live app as a source. Too bad the format cannot be the same for your own vs. a friends, but they are close.

Gamerscore on 1.1.2012

So, I increased by 8455 over the year and Plow by 12438. I beat my delta from last year by 25 and Plow didn’t quite match his, but he also lost another Xbox to RRoD and has been playing more PS3 games for Avault, so understandable there.

Anyway, see you next year…

Four two four five four

So stands my Gamerscore to start 2011 (or end 2010). You’d think with the lack of activity around these parts, it was due to excessive gaming or even something better, but sadly that is not the case.

Gamerscore on 1.1.11

Anyway, an increase of 8430 over last year is better than the same delta from a year ago. Still, not quite back to at least 10k plus.

Gamerscore on 1.1.11

As for Mr. Plow, the opposite is true. His increase of 16240 is better than last year’s mark. Of course, he does review games for a web site, so that has something to do with it.

I remember a few years ago when I was actually ahead of him. Good times.

(By the way, I like the new site, but hate the look of gamer cards, which aren’t really cards anymore.... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2009 games

Halo 3: ODSTHere, finally, is the first post in my year-end wrap-up series that I call Year in Consumables. People like making lists and reading lists, particularly if you are a little OCD. Which I am.

I just pulled up my first post in the series from last year and it happened to be the Games one as well, so let’s just stick with the same order from last year: Games, Movies, Music. That might be a little OCD too.

I am going to have to break somewhat from history in that I am only going to rank five games this year. Mostly because I didn’t really play much. Well, much depending on your point of view. I do find it funny that on last years post I mention having not yet played Fallout 3 or Tomb Raider: Underworld. I still haven’t. I still plan on it. Really.

I will not break on the premise that this list is comprised of what I played the past year. Not that it... Continue reading »

Three four zero two four

That is my year-end Gamerscore for 2009. I thought I’d be able to add on at least 10k like past years, but not as many games seemed to drop or something. Either that or achievements are becoming more ridiculous or multiplayer driven. I also went about four months of the year without playing pretty much anything, so that’s a part and maybe two PS3 games I played.

Gamerscore on 1.1.10

Either way, an increase of 6570 isn’t anything to sneeze at either I guess. Hopefully I can do at least 10k in 2010. You know… it being ’10 and all.

Gamerscore on 1.1.10

As for my friend Mistah Plow, he was able to continue to pull away from me and scored an increase of 11775 for the year with his game reviews, but also with having another 360 go kaput on him. I wonder if he can keep up that pace now that he owns a PS3 in addition to a Wii. Wii shall see…

K cards

Welcome to the summer, or rather, the “blog days of summer” as I like to call them, where not a whole lot of blogging happens! When it does, you don’t care. You’ll understand more when you read my next Flixd post. It won’t be pretty for almost all of you. I do have some other stuff in mind for you coming soon though. Kind of half year check-ins on the consumables idea.

Anyway, I figured I’d toss this up to put that first bit of info out, but also because Ed hit a number that needed capturing for eternity on the internets.

So, these aren’t the baseball kind of K cards (which you’d normally associate with summer), but rather, those that celebrate Xbox Live Gamerscore milestones. But, they just changed their site design and these don’t look like cards anymore; at least the parts that kept from the screen cap don’t. The new “cards” are quite large as they also include a full image of your avatar. Anyway, I cropped them a lot to show just the vital info.

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