Remember remember

Appropriate title for something I intended to do yesterday, but did not. I wanted to post a short aside pointing you at what I, and others, wrote last year on nine-eleven. That we should remember what happened that day seven years ago. I know we all do, it just seems like every year it becomes more and more like a regular September day again and that shouldn’t be so, yet like most things, it happens like that. Things fade with time. This shouldn’t.

Anyway, by the time I got home from work, I didn’t remember to do it, but a visit to my feeds led me to The Ed Zone which reminded me again. So, I encourage you to read my post — and the comments on it — along with the repost, or really date-posted move, by Ed for his post. Of course, by doing so he broke the link I had back to it from the comments. So, I fixed that, but you can also just click this one here.