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Happy blue year

Blue Moon

Well, I started the year with a sunset, so why not end the year with a moonrise. What? Yeah, I guess it kind of works out. (Unlike any of those resolutions.)

I was lucky enough to be driving over the NY border into CT as it was rising, so I stopped to take a few photos. “Lucky” because once I got back to Boston tonight it was overcast and you couldn’t see it at all.

Anyway, the point of this post is more or less just to point out that we are ending this decade with a Blue Moon and not just a Full Moon. I am prescribing this celestial event to have more meaning for us... Continue reading »

I resolve

First of the year

[As the sun sets on another year we… hahaha… no really, no heavy reflection here. Besides, that is the first sunset of this new year.]

Last year I wrote a bit about resolutions and never really stated what those were other than to be a better blogger — keep laughing, I am — and to stay in touch with faraway friends a bit better. Well, if you are keeping score, I didn’t do well with either, but probably better with the blogging than the staying in touch. As for the unrevealed ones, much worse. In fact, for one, total and utter failure.

This year, I am going to throw a couple right out there right now and we’ll see what happens. You can maybe help hold me to them. Or maybe you don’t care. Heck, as Juice... Continue reading »

Spark one up

Not really. I am still confused by the results of Question 2, but whatever.

No, this is in relation to my oil burner, which last night decided to not when I turned it on for the first time this year. I usually try to make it to December before turning on the heat. I don’t know why either. Not like it is the money. Anyway, this week has been pretty cold and it was time, but no joy. By the time I awoke this morning, it was 58 degrees in the house. Nice.

Needless to say, I got on the horn… err, gmail to my landlord and he got a service call set up for today. Short story long, I have heat now, so back up to 68 degrees and I won’t get to find out if I can see my breath inside the house tonight. By the way, if you don’t have a feather bed, then you need one. I didn’t even notice the lack of heat once I was in the coccoon with Wilford Brimley.

Anyway, it got me thinking about not having heat and maybe not having money for heat and I know there a those out there that don’t. In fact, lots of people right now are finding they don’t... Continue reading »

Shipped up to Boston

Because, “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” just no longer applies… I already did it almost nine months ago! And I didn’t go to find my wooden leg. It was to find a new job. But I didn’t find the job. It found me.

So, I figured I’d tell you more about it, nine months later, because I have come to realize that not everyone knows I switched jobs, not once, but twice within the past year! Let me get that out of the way first because many people only know about that switch.

Right about now last year I was shipping halfway up 128 after ending a long and insane daily commute to NH. No job is worth that headache, literally, and I made a switch within the same company to work in MA. This cut out approximately 120 miles of driving per day. Probably also a good hour and a half of personal time back too.

Anyway, my first day with that new group was probably the highlight of my three months there. It turned out to be their team building day and it was at F1 Boston. I did at least four races, which was way better than the single one we did... Continue reading »

Remember your first

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Sox and Blue Jays game with Ed, his brother-in-law Eric and his son Makenna. They live in Pennsylvania and were out this way for Jason‘s East Coast wedding reception, a “Shindig,” and Jason’s parents made many tickets available to people that made the trip. (Ed has written up a nice account of the time and posted it and my comments are over there so I’ll skip that part here.)

Kenna is a big Sox fan — he can recognize Jeff Bailey, can you? — and this was his first game at Fenway Park, so a pretty big deal. I tried to get them tickets at the end of last year and again earlier this summer, but they both didn’t work out for scheduling reasons, so I was psyched that he was finally going to get to a game. There’s something about that first time. I think it really can be magical and it is certainly... Continue reading »

Remember remember

Appropriate title for something I intended to do yesterday, but did not. I wanted to post a short aside pointing you at what I, and others, wrote last year on nine-eleven. That we should remember what happened that day seven years ago. I know we all do, it just seems like every year it becomes more and more like a regular September day again and that shouldn’t be so, yet like most things, it happens like that. Things fade with time. This shouldn’t.

Anyway, by the time I got home from work, I didn’t remember to do it, but a visit to my feeds led me to The Ed Zone which reminded me again. So, I encourage you to read my post — and the comments on it — along with the repost, or really date-posted move, by Ed for his post. Of course, by doing so he broke the link I had back to it from the comments. So, I fixed that, but you can also just click this one here.

Ill communication

I just listened to Ill Communication on my way home from work tonight. I left at 9.00p. I realized that it would be a great title for a blog post, so…

I was at work for the second night in a row until 9p, so that’s ill. I have gone just over a month without posting, so that’s ill. If I went a calendar month without a post, that would be ill… therefore, here’s your fluff piece to put a stop to that.

Seriously though, I intimated in the last real post that I’d fill in blanks later, so I guess this is it. I think that blogging during the summer can be a bit tough when you don’t have some regular topic to shout about. I definitely have never had that, so it is here and there. Well, weekends are straight out because the last thing I want is to be in front of a keyboard on a weekend. Weeknights have also been straight out because I have been getting home late most nights and since those are due to work, I have had enough of the keyboard for a day. When not, I want to spend it on the couch in front of the 360 for a game or catch up on su... Continue reading »

Scooper bowl

Let’s take the lactose intolerant kid to the Scooper Bowl.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Really.

Okay, so maybe not a good plan, but it happened nonetheless… and no, I didn’t explode or anything like that. I probably should have planned ahead and gotten some of those pills that suppress it or whatever, but I’ve never used them before, so why start now? Right?

Anyway, I finally got to experience my first Scooper Bowl now that I work in Boston full-time. I’m not real sure why they don’t do this over a weekend, maybe a Friday-Sunday instead of a Tuesday-Thursday, but whatevs. It is for a good cause — $8 goes to the Jimmy Fund all you can eat goes in your stomach — and I’m sure they had plenty of takers. Sure was packed enough when Noelle and I hit it up on the Wednesday night… two weeks ago! (Yes, I am late in writing about this, but more on that later.)

that's 10 cups kidsSo, if you want the stats, I got 10 scoops down ... Continue reading »

Lego vault

This link made my day and I found it quite by accident on the homepage this afternoon. I was grabbing the Firefox extension at work and happened upon it. (I’m an Engadget guy, not a Gizmodo guy.)

Anyway, the story is cool, but the really cool and happy part is the Lego set that set off the author. I think that was my second Lego set ever and the one I thought of as soon as I started reading the article. To my surprise as I continued to scroll down, there it was. What are the odds? The first one I had is also featured in the gallery.

Blocks from those sets are still in my possession. They make up a small bit of the helicopter I still have… the last original Lego creation of mine before I retired. I dontated all the leftover blocks, a crapload of them, to a friend’s little brother my freshman year of college.

Spambino ale

I prefer my April Fool’s jokes to be something that actually fools people, or rather, me, but that can be pretty hard when you read everything on the day with a grain of salt. That said, some are better than others in trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Anyway, I wasn’t going to follow up my previous aside with anything when I wrote it, but after a night of drinking tonight, I feel the need. So, let me start with what I culled from the internets today, and believe me, I wasn’t looking real hard, or really, at all…