Color and texture

Blue Hills sunset

Or just a fancy title for some shots of two sunsets — view full post and scroll down for slide shows — taken the first weekend of last November. I happened to have the time to go up to Granite Links both nights to watch and shoot the the sunsets and both were spectacular in their own ways. I also tried to shoot some leaves, but it was a bit too dark for all that and I don’t like the ISO boosted ones that did grab.

The first sunset on Saturday had a lot of different layers and colors as the clouds moved in from the west, but not so many as to totally block the sun down to the horizon. If you like the different colors as they progress or looking at the many different textures in the clouds, then this one is for you. Black, gray, blue, yellow, orange and red. A lot going on here.

The second sunset on the Sunday was a bit more straightforward, but did have a couple little points of interest. Very red at the end and also some whispy little clouds set in the larger ones. You can make them out if you look at the large photos. Thought they were neat. Also grabbed some decent shots of the city and of the moon which was already out.

I separated each into a set [Saturday and Sunday] so you can see the differences between the two, or rather, enjoy each in their own right. Scroll down for both and I recommend you view both in full screen by clicking that button in the bottom right of the player after clicking play. Your Esc key exits full-screen.


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