Posts about real or fantasy sports. Fantasy because I can’t play real sports, or rather, don’t. Usually Red Sox or Patriots related.

A Day at Fenway

Left field corner

This past Thursday I took a day off from work–only my third one this year–and took in Fenway Park. It was to celebrate Liberty Mutual’s 100th Anniversary at Fenway during it’s 100th Anniversary. I no longer work for Liberty Mutual but my friend Jay had an extra invite and knew I would love to go. He was right.

Tangent about good skin health and you can see the photos on Flickr or in the slideshow after the break… Continue reading »

Spring tres

Petals in the wind

(Yes, the title spelling is intentional if you aren’t following my cleverness.)

There are actually two sets represented in this post. The third part [one and two] focuses on the walk from BU to the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. If you didn’t like the first two sets, then you probably don’t like this first one. Lots of blossoms and some buildings. Bit of wildlife. Most of these are best viewed in full-screen slide show mode (after the break). Continue reading »

Opening day

National anthem

Mission accomplished! Photos uploaded in a timely manner. There are a lot of them. Seventy to be exact. Your best bet is to open this post and view the slide show. View it in full screen too. Please check these out. I took them for you.

So, I had to see for myself what the difference was between Opening Day and a regular game. I had the opportunity to grab a single ticket for the game when I was selected for the second chance lottery for Opening Day and Yankee tickets. Only single seats were available and it seemed like all of the Yankee games were obstructed view. I said screw it and opted to go it alone so I could finally experience an opener.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of the same pomp and circumstance before since I have gone to a 4th of July... Continue reading »

Halloween cheerleaders

Patriots cheerleaders

As promised last week, here are the cheerleader photos from the Rams and Pats game last October. (I added them to the game set and the larger cheerleader set as well.)

Oh… that’s right, no one seemed to want to look at those photos much. I guess you really are ready for baseball, but seriously, there’s a few good ones there, no? I’m sure all the bro’s think there are some here as well. Pigs.

Hahaha… well, I am doing my best to catch up. I will get the baseball ones up for Opening Day that night. Promise! But, I likely won’t get thru my backlog by then, so you’ll have to suffer thru some Fall... Continue reading »

Ram the cassel gate

Vrabel and Bruschi

I know, I know… it seems stupid to put up photos from a football game with Opening Day just around the corner, but it has been established numerous times that I am running behind on posting to Flickr. So, you get football now and I hope to be caught up by the time baseball starts. That means photos from Opening Day before the Pats open against the Bills in September. Actually, hopefully that means I can get those posted the night of Opening Day. Anyone want to start a pool?

Back to the task at hand, these photos are from the Rams game on October 26, 2008. Matt Cassel getting more comfortable in the line-up, etc. Disappointed that all we saw of Steven Jackson was him walking off the field at halftime wearing sweats since he was injured at the time.... Continue reading »

Manny more returns

The Hunt for Red Soxtober is over.

They were sunk by the Rays. Not the Yankees. Not the Angels. The no-longer-Devil Rays.

Now, I mentioned in my previous post that I’d start off with more about Manny. I am going to do that, but I am not going to suggest that the Sox would have won if they still had Manny. They wouldn’t have won. The Rays had their number this year and that little bit of extra magic in games 5 and 6 just prolonged the inevitable, right? That’s what the media want you to believe, but I am getting ahead of myself. Back to Manny.

I have been sitting on this second Manny follow-up post for more than a week. As I also mentioned previously, work was in the way again and I just postponed. Is this still relevant today? I don’t know, but maybe you could still read it.

Anyway, it start... Continue reading »

Manny being manipulated

That’s the title of a Bill Simmons e-ticket on It is a long read and well worth it if you are Manny fan, but especially if you are no longer because of his exit behavior. I found I was shaking my head in agreement a lot as I read this today. A lot.

You might remember that I posted about missing Manny not too long ago, but this reinforced my thinking about it after it was shaken a bit by Schilling’s comments. I should have known better than to let that (now) useless blowhard shake by belief with the idea he might have brought new information to the table. I resisted posting when he inserted himself into the news for a few days a few weeks ago, less we forget he exists. After reading this new piece, I can’t help but comment about that too. Fact is, 38pitches and others... Continue reading »

Remember your first

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Sox and Blue Jays game with Ed, his brother-in-law Eric and his son Makenna. They live in Pennsylvania and were out this way for Jason‘s East Coast wedding reception, a “Shindig,” and Jason’s parents made many tickets available to people that made the trip. (Ed has written up a nice account of the time and posted it and my comments are over there so I’ll skip that part here.)

Kenna is a big Sox fan — he can recognize Jeff Bailey, can you? — and this was his first game at Fenway Park, so a pretty big deal. I tried to get them tickets at the end of last year and again earlier this summer, but they both didn’t work out for scheduling reasons, so I was psyched that he was finally going to get to a game. There’s something about that first time. I think it really can be magical and it is certainly... Continue reading »

Carl on sports

Ever wanted to talk sports with Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Well… you can’t. But some dudes at The Sporting News can and they have clips on their blog. I am going to go check out his Week 2 NFL picks right now…

Missing Manny

Lost Manny (photo by Jim Davis - Boston Globe)

Yeah, I said it. I miss Manny.

I don’t undertand why Manny had to be traded. I really don’t. I know that most of the Nation is glad he is gone, but I must ask… why?

Why would you want to give up one of the greatest righthanded hitters of all time? A first ballot Hall of Famer? The ultimate protection for Big Papi? Pay seven million dollars to the Dodgers just to take him and two prospects to Pittsburgh to get Jason Bay in return?

Okay, Craig Hansen you can have — for now, unless he works out his command — but by all accounts, Brandon Moss was a good, young outfield prospect. Was he going to be next year’s starting left fielder? No, but he’s a quality fourth outfielder. The seven million? Well, ain’t... Continue reading »