Posts about real or fantasy sports. Fantasy because I can’t play real sports, or rather, don’t. Usually Red Sox or Patriots related.

A Day at Fenway

Left field corner

This past Thursday I took a day off from work–only my third one this year–and took in Fenway Park. It was to celebrate Liberty Mutual’s 100th Anniversary at Fenway during it’s 100th Anniversary. I no longer work for Liberty Mutual but my friend Jay had an extra invite and knew I would love to go. He was right.

Tangent about good skin health and you can see the photos on Flickr or in the slideshow after the break… Continue reading »

Spring tres

Petals in the wind

(Yes, the title spelling is intentional if you aren’t following my cleverness.)

There are actually two sets represented in this post. The third part [one and two] focuses on the walk from BU to the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. If you didn’t like the first two sets, then you probably don’t like this first one. Lots of blossoms and some buildings. Bit of wildlife. Most of these are best viewed in full-screen slide show mode (after the break). Continue reading »