Walk This World

Time to have fun. Time to feel pain. Time to meet the World. Hello World!

Hello World symbolizes a first step in a new environment and geeks the world ‘round use it. WordPress starts every new blog off with it, so how can I resist putting my own spin on it as I Walk This (New) World?

Walk This World is a song by Heather Nova and I thought it a more appropriate title for my first post in the Blogosphere. Certainly has a better ring to it than Hello World, yeah?

I can see I am already losing my fledgling readership — all eleven of you — so I’d better get to the point, which is to say, I haven’t one. Yup, this is a mind dump of pure rubbish. You see, like most blogs, I’m not entirely sure this one will have a point either.

I am no writer. I don’t want to be a writer. I don’t think my writing is very good. Good thing I don’t want to be a writer. The good writer’s I know are here, here and not here, but only because he’s got nothing left to say past this. Who knows, other friends may find their voice on SS as well.

So, you know what that means? You are stuck with me. Which is to say, you are not. I’ve already given you more interesting destinations, so you don’t have to read another word here.

For the last seven of you still reading, you won’t find any more explanations or sense of anything. I suggest you stop, but if you don’t, you can know this: I am not a designer.

That is right, I am not a fancy web site designer. Sometimes I put on my cape and pretend that I am. I start things and do not finish. If I finish, I am not happy, but I imagine this is true for most creative types, of which I may be one.

An example you may have seen is the first version of the ZonEd template for The Ed Zone. I put a lot of effort to pull that out my arse under a tight, self-imposed deadline. I can’t shake the idea that it looks like a defunct bank web site. Ed tells me he likes it, so I don’t hate it. I was unhappy with it once I was done and commented about it a few times in… comments.

From the five of you still left, I need something from you. I need inspiration. I need validation. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, my name isn’t there to credit the template. Phu says, “Ambiru is a calm, reassuring theme developed for WordPress.”

Perhaps some good blog Karma can help, but I can’t finish my own design because I can’t stop messing with it. When I get close to finishing it, I hate it. So, instead… for the time-being, I am using Phu’s template, that I like a lot, so that I can blog.

I am going to blog instead of design so that I can design for a blog that is read. I shouldn’t waste time on me if I can’t say anything worth a damn, but I can design and build for The Ed Zone because he does and you will read him.

You know what? Never mind, I’ll blog you to death anyway.

Yes, I will blog the three of you to death for at least one full year.

I will blog my photography. I will blog shite I find interesting on the web. I will blog about sports. I will blog about music. I will blog about television. I will blog about comic books. I will blog about video games.

I can’t write reviews worth a damn because I can’t analyze these things that way. It takes a level of depth I cannot provide. It will be thoughts. It will be impressions.

I might blog about events. I might blog about movies. I might blog about news. I might blog an opinion. I might change my mind. I might blog about my profession. I might blog about me. I might blog about you.

I will not blog about politics. I will not blog about my workplace. I will not blog for profit. I will not blog about things you don’t want blogged about you.

As for the point… Will you find it? Will you like it? Will you love it? Will you hate it? Will you get it?

Will you like me? Will you hate me? Will you blog me? Will you flame me?

Will you get me?

I will walk this world. You can walk with me…