Curse of the Grackle?

Grackle on second

I happened to click on an Eric Wilbur blog link on today. It would seem the resident sports blogger — is it me or is he a ringer for Andy Richter — has thrown in the towel on the Sox making the playoffs. Well, I’ll admit I was having such thoughts after we were swept by the Royals, I chose to delay my judgement until after the five game series with the Spankees this weekend.

Yes, Wily Mo Pena took his eye of the ball to sneak a peek at the runner and missed the catch. At first I thought if he made the catch, he had a chance to throw the man out, but the replay showed the angle, etc. and it would seem unlikely to get the speedy Carlos Guillen. It would have had to be a perfect throw and I don’t think that happens, so the run would have scored anyway and he still got his out at first base. This was not a play to hang up your playoff hopes on.

At least they won tonight and avoided a sweep by the Tiggers. The Sox also picked up Carlos Pena and Eric Hinske today. Pena might be a good future guy, but Hinske has never excited me and last time I checked, neither can pitch. The WEEI boys commented tonight that the Orioles’ LaTroy Hawkins may be on his way in another deal, but that doesn’t excite me either. The guy hasn’t been good since getting off to a nice start this year.

I picked up Sox/Spankee tickets from my stepbrother today, so Ed and I will be attending Sunday night’s game. We may be able to watch the Sox’s demise in person from some right field box seats. I am hoping they can take at least 3 of 5 games this weekend. However, that optimism may be misplaced for a Red Sox fan. More likely they will drop 4 of 5. We’ll see…

All I want to know is; if the Sox don’t make the playoffs, is Wilbur going to lay claim to the “Curse of the Grackle?” Wilbur references the little guy in the post by stating he was a foretelling of death according to Greek superstition. The funny thing is, I wonder if Dan Shaughnessy will try and steal that for his own. You know he’s the one with the market on curses in this town.