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Opening day

National anthem

Mission accomplished! Photos uploaded in a timely manner. There are a lot of them. Seventy to be exact. Your best bet is to open this post and view the slide show. View it in full screen too. Please check these out. I took them for you.

So, I had to see for myself what the difference was between Opening Day and a regular game. I had the opportunity to grab a single ticket for the game when I was selected for the second chance lottery for Opening Day and Yankee tickets. Only single seats were available and it seemed like all of the Yankee games were obstructed view. I said screw it and opted to go it alone so I could finally experience an opener.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of the same pomp and circumstance before since I have gone to a 4th of July... Continue reading »

Manny more returns

The Hunt for Red Soxtober is over.

They were sunk by the Rays. Not the Yankees. Not the Angels. The no-longer-Devil Rays.

Now, I mentioned in my previous post that I’d start off with more about Manny. I am going to do that, but I am not going to suggest that the Sox would have won if they still had Manny. They wouldn’t have won. The Rays had their number this year and that little bit of extra magic in games 5 and 6 just prolonged the inevitable, right? That’s what the media want you to believe, but I am getting ahead of myself. Back to Manny.

I have been sitting on this second Manny follow-up post for more than a week. As I also mentioned previously, work was in the way again and I just postponed. Is this still relevant today? I don’t know, but maybe you could still read it.

Anyway, it start... Continue reading »

Manny being manipulated

That’s the title of a Bill Simmons e-ticket on It is a long read and well worth it if you are Manny fan, but especially if you are no longer because of his exit behavior. I found I was shaking my head in agreement a lot as I read this today. A lot.

You might remember that I posted about missing Manny not too long ago, but this reinforced my thinking about it after it was shaken a bit by Schilling’s comments. I should have known better than to let that (now) useless blowhard shake by belief with the idea he might have brought new information to the table. I resisted posting when he inserted himself into the news for a few days a few weeks ago, less we forget he exists. After reading this new piece, I can’t help but comment about that too. Fact is, 38pitches and others... Continue reading »

Remember your first

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Sox and Blue Jays game with Ed, his brother-in-law Eric and his son Makenna. They live in Pennsylvania and were out this way for Jason‘s East Coast wedding reception, a “Shindig,” and Jason’s parents made many tickets available to people that made the trip. (Ed has written up a nice account of the time and posted it and my comments are over there so I’ll skip that part here.)

Kenna is a big Sox fan — he can recognize Jeff Bailey, can you? — and this was his first game at Fenway Park, so a pretty big deal. I tried to get them tickets at the end of last year and again earlier this summer, but they both didn’t work out for scheduling reasons, so I was psyched that he was finally going to get to a game. There’s something about that first time. I think it really can be magical and it is certainly... Continue reading »

Missing Manny

Lost Manny (photo by Jim Davis - Boston Globe)

Yeah, I said it. I miss Manny.

I don’t undertand why Manny had to be traded. I really don’t. I know that most of the Nation is glad he is gone, but I must ask… why?

Why would you want to give up one of the greatest righthanded hitters of all time? A first ballot Hall of Famer? The ultimate protection for Big Papi? Pay seven million dollars to the Dodgers just to take him and two prospects to Pittsburgh to get Jason Bay in return?

Okay, Craig Hansen you can have — for now, unless he works out his command — but by all accounts, Brandon Moss was a good, young outfield prospect. Was he going to be next year’s starting left fielder? No, but he’s a quality fourth outfielder. The seven million? Well, ain’t... Continue reading »

Ill communication

I just listened to Ill Communication on my way home from work tonight. I left at 9.00p. I realized that it would be a great title for a blog post, so…

I was at work for the second night in a row until 9p, so that’s ill. I have gone just over a month without posting, so that’s ill. If I went a calendar month without a post, that would be ill… therefore, here’s your fluff piece to put a stop to that.

Seriously though, I intimated in the last real post that I’d fill in blanks later, so I guess this is it. I think that blogging during the summer can be a bit tough when you don’t have some regular topic to shout about. I definitely have never had that, so it is here and there. Well, weekends are straight out because the last thing I want is to be in front of a keyboard on a weekend. Weeknights have also been straight out because I have been getting home late most nights and since those are due to work, I have had enough of the keyboard for a day. When not, I want to spend it on the couch in front of the 360 for a game or catch up on su... Continue reading »



I mean… WOW!

This kid is special, right? Completes the sweep for the second Sox Series and now a no hitter. Wow!

Inspiring stuff. Really. It is hard to come up with the words.

I wish I got to see it. I didn’t watch the game tonight. In fact, I haven’t seen any of the four no-hitters that Varitek has caught. Apparently that’s a record too. However, I did see the first MLB starts for the last two guy’s; Lester and Buchholz. That’s a weird coincidence.

I know someone who had tickets to tonight’s game and decided to sell them because he had already been to like four games in April. Can’t wait to see his reaction. At least he sold them to another guy at work.


Triple priced

So, the MBTA Transit Police charged Sheila $15 for taking up two parking spaces today.

Lemme do the math here… if it costs $5 for a spot for the day, and two are taken, that’s $10 and not $20, right?

I was over the lines in my spot because the truck next to me was over his lines, go figure. I’m sure they saw that. Not. I hope that guy got a ticket too. He was gone before I got back tonight. Anyway, this markup is sorta crap. At worst, I cost the MBTA five dollars in lost revenue today. It’s not like I was in a metered, handicap or fire lane spot, I was over the lines. I know, I’m complaining, really, over ten bucks. I don’t actually care, but I’m in a ranting mood, so what the heck.

Oh, who’s Sheila you ask? Well, obviously that’s the name of my truck. Yeah, I named her Sheila, despite the slightly disturbing thought that it puts in my head about a pizza delivery ape… he of the gold-digging-ex-wife-named-Sheila fame. The only woman who’d ever think a pizza delivery ape — honestly, a term of... Continue reading »

On Johan

I’m glad it is finally over.

The Mets probably got a helluva a deal and they probably needed him the most. Santana will probably finish the year with a sub 1.00 ERA and 300 K’s in the National League and that is fine by me. I’m glad that Theo didn’t blow the payroll on this guy, regardless of whether or not you consider him the best pitcher in baseball, no one is worth that money, never mind the prospects. Ellsbury patrolling center with Lester and Buchholz battling for the fifth starter spot? I’ll take that and the financial flexibility to keep pace with the trimming down Yankees, who also didn’t blow their wad on Johan.

At first, I hated the thought of giving up Lester or Jacoby, but when whispers from scouts about Santana’s second half started to pop up, I got even more fearful. I hope he’s fine and continues his awesome career with excellent health. In the NL.

Sorry to all you Twins fans in that your new GM overplayed his... Continue reading »

Coming attractions

Hey, so now that I have a job closer to home, I might actually start blogging a bit more often again. Finally getting the post up about the Sox and the relatively short post about the WGA strike are a good start, but I have been percolating a few other posts and I figured I’d share them. By getting this out there, it also serves as further incentive to continue some momentum.

Anyway, I’ll just tease the working titles and you can maybe figure them out. If you actually still read this blog at all and one of these piques your interest more than another, leave a comment and maybe I’ll get that one done sooner rather than later.

Here’s what I got so far:

  • Telefizzled
  • Lensgate
  • Ear wax
  • H3

I am pretty sure I am forgetting something already (this is why I need the list). My goal is to get... Continue reading »