Xbox 360 in 1080p

Xbox 360

Paul Thurrott has an item on WinInfo about Microsoft releasing the HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 for only $170 this Fall. What is more interesting to me is that a 360 firmware update will boost the max resolution of the 360 from 1080i to 1080p. This is news, and as Paul says, the last big differentiator between PS3 and the 360.

Is Sony further doomed? Not in the least. The Sony zealots will still shell out gobs of cake for a PS3, but Microsoft just made their argument even more compelling. I’m just a little happier in that this will help justify buying a 1080p HD set when I get a big one soonish. Even though television programming won’t be broadcast at that level for years to come, at least there could be some earlier benefit in the greater cost over the 720p sets. As it stands now, it’s about an $800 difference for the size set I am looking at. I bet the earliest we see a 1080p game is late 2007 though.