Falling Away With You

Casino Royale teaster posterWouldn’t you say it is rather ironic that while I was writing my Summer wrap-ups last week it was feeling like Autumn and as I write my Autumn preview this week it has felt like Summer? I guess that’s how we roll here in New England.

Has the wacky weather been a contributing factor in the huge downturn in readers over the past few weeks here at OB1og as well? Certainly can’t be because I haven’t been posting like Ed or Jason. Of course, Ed isn’t posting for a good reason and then there is Jason not posting for a secret reason.

Is there something going around? No writing and no reading? Certainly no commenting on any of the three sites! I don’t know about BBn, but The Ed Zone’s daily traffic has been halved — still plenty of search hits for Lost and the local news ladies and weather girls — and that is still more than I get in half a week lately.

Well, whatever the reason, I am getting psyched up for Fall so whether or not you read my posts or check out my Flickr photos, I will keep putting content up. Of course, if I drop more pop culture refs or local news lady names like Ed, I’ll get more hits and maybe gain some more new readers, but I’d be happy if just all my friends would read.

So anyway, since all my whining has already driven you to distraction, let me get started on my point, which is to preview some stuff I am looking forward to this Fall. The first, that I already touched on in an earlier post, are the Fall Fantasy sports. I followed up a bad Week 1 pick set with an awesome Week 2 by getting 13 of 16. I won my Week 2 match in my FFL by 1/2 a point, so I am 1-1 and it sure sucks to be the guy that lost to me.

As for baseball, I won two and lost one last week, so I am playing for 1st or 3rd in the two public leagues. In my league, my team had continued good luck after all and advanced to the finals against Mookie. Noelle is playing my bud Jay for 3rd. Sunday night wasn’t even over before Mook texts me an offer to split the cash for 1st and 2nd and reasoning we won’t have to play it out and our stress levels are reduced. Since I figured I’d lose to his team, I took the offer, but the winner of the last match gets an extra $25, the Yahoo! t-shirt or plaque and the bragging rights. We’ve locked in two starting pitchers, five relievers and all our hitters and won’t touch the teams for the next two weeks.

Also on the sports front are the Pats and they won their Week 2 against the J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets! I am headed out to Foxboro this Sunday night for their game against the Broncos, so that will be fun and a change from freezing my t!ts off the three times I went last year. Jay offered either the Broncos or Colts and since I went to the Colts last year, I went with the Broncs this year, especially since they knocked us out last year. The outside possibility exists that I score both December tickets against the Texans, so get your bribes in now and maybe I’ll take you. 😉

As for Fall movies, they are in full swing, but there’s not a whole lot coming out of interest to me. This month, I am interested in checking out The Last Kiss with Zach Braff. In fact, I may have a man crush on him since I am already pimping Scrubs in syndication. Ed showed me the trailer for Renaissance when I was over his house a couple weeks ago and it looks really cool. Not sure I’ll get out to see it in the theater though unless someone is interested in checking it out. It comes out this week.

I already bitch slapped The Departed when Ed was talking about it that same night, but I have come around since seeing the trailer on TV. I hate, hate, hate Leo, but the rest of the cast will allow me to tolerate him. Besides, how can you not check out a flick about the Irish mafia set in Boston when you are a wus-ass, suburban mick like me, right? It is out October 6th. Also in October, I’ll of course be seeing Employee of the Month and The Prestige intrigues me, but I don’t know that I’ll make it.

There’s a new trailer for Casino Royale that positively kicks ass. It was already the one sure flick I was going to check out in the theater — how do you not catch a Bond flick in the theater? — and am even more pumped after checking that out. 007 with blond hair and blue eyes. Get over it already. November also drops Stranger than Fiction and Borat (Zach Braff pimps the trailer in a recent Entertainment Weekly). I don’t know that I can justify full price for either, so it’s either a matinée or DVD for both. Yes, definite man crush now.

Based on the EW “Fall Movie Preview” issue, I won’t be seeing anything in December, which is fine by me since I don’t consider December a Fall month and I’m sure I’ll be up to my ears in Xbox 360 games anyway.

So, that’s a good segue way, right? Well, there’s a handful of games to check out this Fall. First up will be Splinter Cell: Double Agent on 10/17. SC is one of my favorite franchises of all time, so I am psyched to consume this in all its next-gen glory since its predecessors kicked much ass on the last gen hardware. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance drops a week later on 10/24. Following that we have three games dropping on 11/7: Call of Duty 3, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six: Vegas. Last, and certainly not least, we have Viva Piñata dropping a week later. Mookie will finally have a 360 game to play.

You might ask, “where is Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy” in this list? Well, it’s already out and I can’t convince myself to pick it up even though the trailers are funny. If I did that, I’d be validating Joe, and I can’t have that…

Well, that gets me thru movies and games. I’ll leave the telefizzle and music for next time. I have already picked up six discs this month, so I think I’ll be doing monthly posts on whatever I pick up, so next time will probably just be TV. In that case, maybe I’ll just blurb about the shows that have already premiered and then wait until the next batch in a couple weeks.

Not that anyone will read… :mrgreen: