Sox flickr photos

I finally put up some photos from the first Sox game I went to this year. I had a major time waste in doing this due to issues with the flickr uploadr and my Canon editing software. I’m right p!ssed.

Anyway, calm me down by taking a few minutes to check them out. They really suck.

Seriously. They suck compared to the ones that I took last weekend at the Braves game. Convince me to waste more time and share them.

BTW – You’d do well to look at a lot of the *distant* ones in a larger size.

UPDATED: Check out flickr’s awesome improved slideshow with this set. Use your F11 key to switch your browser to full screen mode (and back) before you click the link. Oh, and click the “i” in the middle of the photo when you start so you get my titles and descriptions.