Red ringed

Well, it finally got me. I am now a victim of the so-called Red Ring of Death.

Of course, this has already happened to both Ed and Jason, so it is not exactly new, just new to me. Kind of funny that it would happen just after I posted about going over 10k with my gamerscore and so did my Xbox. Of course, one wonders how it continues to post blog entries.

Perhaps it is when I can get it to run for a about a minute before it freezes. You see, after getting the ring, it hasn’t happened again, but it will freeze almost exactly a minute after booting up. I have tried the suggestions on support page for both issues with no joy. I am going to have to finally contact Microsoft about this as my hopes that it will go away on its own don’t seem to be working out. I figured I’d wait a few days and keep trying it to be sure. I thought maybe it was just the heat we’ve had recently, but I don’t think so now.

Anyway, I figure this is just karma coming back on me. You see, it failed the same night I busted on Mookie for being, well… here just read it:

He has a commitment to playing more [kid] games on his 360 while leaving his PS3 still wanting for its first game. Why pay $10 for a 90 minute movie when you can play a crap $60 game once for 30 minutes?

It was in response to him not joining the boys for a Saturday matinée viewing of The Simpsons Movie (excellent BTW). In hindsight, I replaced one three letter word with another. It’s my quote and I’ll edit if I want to. Anyway, he had a generic Marsha Brady excuse, but I’m the one that got the football in the nose.

And… maybe it wasn’t just that. I think karma was also paying me back for busting on Joe with regard to Lego Star Wars II last year. In fact, it was during this game that the first freeze took place. On the reboot I got the ring.

I’m glad I actually found that post — someone was looking around here for the meaning of the Dane Cook hand symbol, which of course I don’t know because I’m still over 30 — because I got a chance to review what I thought I was going to get into last Fall. Well, I played all those games except Call of Duty 3 (waiting for price drop to pick it up) and have seen all the movies listed (most on DVD) except Renaissance which I have now added to my Netflix queue.

Oh, and Lego is funny and fun. I’m glad I boyed up and grabbed it. Actually, it was thanks to Ed playing it for Colin’s entertainment that got me over the top. I guess that means I’m as entertained as a four year old when “The Chewy” is pulling Minifigure arms out of their sockets. Yup, four sounds about right.

This also means I am eagerly awaiting the full saga release for the 360 in November and a recently announced Indiana Jones one next year!

So, everyone do me a favor and remind me to play nice with everyone come September. The last thing I want is to go thru this after Halo 3 drops!