Bird and bee

Because there’s just one of each.

I posted some new photos, which I referred to in my last post about photos. I went back for more photos of the flowers in my Mom’s yard and ended up with some bonus bird photos. She routinely has an excellent variety of birds in her yard around dinner time, which is apparently the same for you and them. (Not so much me as I eat late.)  One of these days I’ll get some photos of the cardinals that come to feed. It is all about patience and time, but that’s true for a lot of photography I guess.

Anyway, I almost got some of two hummingbirds flitting about the yard, but they weren’t stopping anywhere convenient. I almost mistook the first one for a big dragonfly! Her hummingbird feeder wasn’t yet up, but it is now, so maybe I’ll luck into some, but the season is getting pretty late.

So, the new photos are spread across the Flowers 2007 and new Wild things sets. You might be better off viewing by date though. If you can identify the flower, leave a comment on it.