What a weekend!

(Now, what a week too!)

I started writing this post on Monday night, but I got sidetracked by one of the topics, which I will get to in a minute. Funny thing about the post was everything (five things) revolves around the word shock, hence the title shocking. I find it even funnier that an event happened on Tuesday to add a sixth, so the word of the month is now shocking. Anyway, I’m trimming some of the fat since I have more to add on…

I was going to talk further about the Pat’s spying scandal because some of the other information that came out during the weekend (losing draft pick(s)?!, leak of tape, even more penalties if Belichick doesn’t turn over all data), but there is just too much and I am just too sick of it all. Now, don’t we have the Mangenius being accused of something by the Ravens? Oh, and can we stop referring to every scandal as a “Gate”? It was just Watergate. Let it go already! Anyway, I’ll just leave this one as disappointing on many angles, but particularly because it tarnishes, right or wrong, the home town team’s image, history and coach. No matter what, it just sux.

Shock only describes the loss to the Yankees last Friday due to a beating on our two best relievers. Then, Beckett rights the ship, but then Francona channels Grady Little and leaves Schill in for just an inning to long. Hey Terry Little, if Schill gives you seven strong, don’t get greedy, he’s got nothing left after that. Despite Friday’s debacle, you turn it over to the bullpen. Oki in the 8th, Pap in the 9th. Of course, now we have since been swept by the Blue Jays while the Yanks roll over the Birds putting them just one back in the loss column. I know everyone is thinking it, so I’ll just say it, this is 78 all over again, except this time there’s a wild card. Thankfully Detroit is fading fast, but Seattle is on the rise again, with both losing and winning three straight respectively. I wanted to win the division and now I’m just hoping we hold on to the wild card. We need Manny back and the bullpen to get it turned around.

To finish out the bad news, I’ll add that on Tuesday morning, my Jeep rebelled against me on its second day of the longer commute to work. For those that don’t know, my distance increased 20 miles each way with an office move. So, now, just before I was going to start looking for a new vehicle, my starter dies. Luckily for me, I stopped on the way up for gas and noticed it barely cranked back over. I pulled into work and left it running while I ran up, grabbed my laptop, and drove home. Anyway, I have spent the last three days working from home (with another likely tomorrow) fighting the urge to run out and just buy something close to what I want. How is this shocking? Well, just because it has to do with starting the Jeep of course, not because you or I thought it wasn’t due to break down again…

Oh, even though this isn’t shocking, I’ll throw this on to the bad bits… I awoke this morning with an abnormal throat feeling. Yup, I think I’m coming down with a cold.

So, now for the good shocking bits. Well, I went to the Pats and Chargers game on Sunday, so I think you see how that fits in there twice, yeah? One, they are the Chargers, and two, because they were so thoroughly beaten down by our team. I’m only dropping this here now because it fits. I’ll have a separate post about the game when I upload my photos because I have a good story to go along with it.

Ed and I finally, after many attempts to work it out, took in Superbad on Friday night. We met up in Framingham to see it in a non-stadium seating theater. Gasp! I forgot they even existed. Anyway, it was pretty good. I thought a little slow or awkward at some points, but overall funny and disturbing. In fact, it was downright… wait for it… shocking. To avoid spoilers, I won’t give away why. You can believe that or just think I am trying to milk this bit for all it’s worth.

Lastly, I got my (or rather, a) Xbox 360 delivered to me on Friday afternoon. Yup, I got an odd and shocking computerized call from Brown (yeah, I’m the guy) on Thursday with a tracking number for a package to be delivered on Friday. Well, it didn’t take me too long to make the leap from “No pending repair” to Ed’s theory of one magically appearing at my doorstep. Well, my new little toy — I stress new because it was born on 8.27.2007 — works swimmingly so far. Still loud as hell, but hopefully a lot cooler and happier than an old one. It even came with a 1 month Xbox Live card to make up for my month off-line. That’s pretty sweet, but I would have preferred faster and more informative service. I shouldn’t jinx myself.

I picked up BioShock that night and have been happily playing it ever since. Suddenly, I don’t want to watch any Netflix movies or watch any baseball (who does right now?) because I want to finish this thing before Halo 3 drops on Tuesday. I don’t think I’ll make it, which is too bad, because I am really enjoying it, but it will sit on the shelf until I’ve finished the fight for Master Chief.

Now, television starts back up with the Fall season next week. I’m in big trouble. I’m going to fall way behind I even get started. The only shows I can guarantee I’ll watch next week are Heroes and The Office, but I’ll try to post about that and the Pats game by the end of the weekend, so that’s at least two posts before nothing, again, for a while. Just too much to do besides blog.

Lastly, as a bonus, I’d say it was a little shocking that Ed shaved his head. Sure, he filled me in on the plan that Friday night, but the results are a little shocking, yeah? Okay, now I’m just reaching… it isn’t that shocking and, no, he doesn’t look like Homer Simpson. :mrgreen:

Off to harvest some Little Sister’s from their Big Daddies…