Orange fluff

I have been lazy with the writing lately, so more on that in the next post, but I also feel like I’m in a rut in taking photos only at Sox games. With my first Pats game just over two weeks away, I need to get some other photos out there, so I have been better about trying to take photos of other stuff. Now, since I don’t live in the city, that is tough. It leaves me with flowers and sunsets. Grrrl photos.

Well, I have even more! I took a couple different sunsets over the past couple/few weeks and this is the first. I have added these new photos to my Sunsets set on flickr. I’ll leave it to you to check the “date taken” to figure out the new ones, but as of now, there are eight in total at the start of the set. Or, I guess you could view by date instead. Whatever works for you.

More to come.