I posted some photos [slideshow] from Saturday’s playoff win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I took it easy on you and only posted 33, or the just over 400 frames I fired off. That’s a ~55 percent drop off from my last set, so you should have no problem zipping thru them. Right?

Anyway, seventeen and Oh baby! and… yes… I went to the game… I know people.

Not really… but, it is funny how many people wonder just that when you tells them you went to the game.

Well, guess what… I am going again this week and… knock on a lot of wood — how about an everwood tree — and wish me good luck… the Super Bowl. Of course, our source has to win the ticket lottery and oh… the Pats need to get past the Bolts too. He’s been 0-3 so far, so maybe we’ll luck out this time. Or not.

I am not looking forward to this Sunday’s game with temperatures in the teens. Last week was just the right amount of cold, but this week is gonna suck. Much.

Not bringing my camera because of the cold and also because I already took pixels at a Chargers’ game this year. Yeah, you know, the one where I got yelled at. Well, I had no issues this time. I stayed further away from field during warm-ups to make sure.

Funny enough, I did get questioned by a fellow fan as I was leaving that area for my seat. He told me he got busted for having his SLR — not even with a white lens — earlier in the year and had to walk it back to his car before entering the stadium. He wondered how I got mine in and I suggested it might be because I had it slung over my shoulder and behind my arm… no bag. Maybe they didn’t notice or the kid trying his best to avoid my junk during the pat-down didn’t give a shiznit, but… either some policy is in flux or I am just lucky. Who knows.

For the record, I’m more than happy they aren’t facing the Colts. Yes, it would be better to go thru them, but since we aren’t going to face the Cowboys in a Super Bowl, it is already a diminished accomplishment, so it doesn’t matter. Plus, we already beat Dallas and Indy this year, so I say bring on Farr-va-ruh and the Pack.

Let’s get us some revenge for Super Bowl XXXI, yeah?