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I posted some photos [slideshow] from Saturday’s playoff win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I took it easy on you and only posted 33, or the just over 400 frames I fired off. That’s a ~55 percent drop off from my last set, so you should have no problem zipping thru them. Right?

Anyway, seventeen and Oh baby! and… yes… I went to the game… I know people.

Not really… but, it is funny how many people wonder just that when you tells them you went to the game.

Well, guess what… I am going again this week and… knock on a lot of wood — how about an everwood tree — and wish me good luck… the Super Bowl. Of course, our source has to win the ticket lottery and oh… the Pats need to get past the Bolts too. He’s been 0-3 so far, so maybe we’ll luck out... Continue reading »

Brady to Moss

So, the Patriots did the unthinkable and traded for one of the baddest bad boys in the NFL, Randy Moss. If this works out because Randy can keep his nose clean and mouth shut, then barring injury, they look to be SB faves to me. Last year we had almost nothing at WR, now we have them up the ass with Moss, Stallworth, Welker, Washington and Gaffney. I left Caldwell off there because he dropped those easy balls against the Colts… oh, and his eyes still freak me out!

Anyway, here’s hoping Rodney can make Moss drink the Kool Aid like he did with Dillon. At the very least, they’ll increase their merchandising revenue even more by selling Moss jerseys. I’ll be at the home opener versus the Chargers and I’m about the same amount excited, which is very.

Lazy Foxboro

I’m sure it has nothing to do with skit from that show I don’t watch — I’m only aware of it from watching The Office — but it sums up the point pretty well. I don’t even remember when I promised to get these up, but the photos I took at the Pats playoff game against the Jets on January 7th are finally on flickr. My laziness is to blame for the delay.

I think the biggest problem with something like this is taking the time to sort thru all the shots taken and then taking some time to crop or adjust them. Well, remembering how long it took me last time, I kept putting it off and I really need to get better about this if I am to be serious about it being a part of this blog.

I took 462 shots at the Jets game, which is roughly twice what I took at the Colts game in November. Trimming that down to the 87 shots I posted in the photo set was very time consuming… and then deciding if I wanted to edit them or not… and then actually doing it… and then uploading them… and then giving them name, descriptions and tagging ... Continue reading »

Not-so-evil empire

This is a comment meant for The Mayor of Man Town is a Chick on the Ed Zone, but it is masquerading as a post here on OB1og.


Well, just because I haven’t been very active here this month, for much the same reasons as Ed, and the comment was long enough to consider as a post in its own right. Maybe…

Jason had the same thought, so now there are twin comment threads on the Zone and BBn. I won’t drop this over there though.

What I really owe my six dear readers are the photos I took at the Pats/Jets playoff game a few weeks ago. I haven’t gotten around to slamming them into Flickr yet. I’ll do my best to get that done this weekend.

Anyway, on to what I was going to drop as a comment:

As Bill Simmons aptly put it in When did hate tak... Continue reading »

Phootball Fotography

Patriots D looks to get some Manning

Here’s yet another thing I am late with, but with good reason. It takes a long time to go thru 300+ photos that I shot at the game. Then, you have to some adjustments to each with respect to the lighting and sharpness before finally cropping them. I never do any of this with my other stuff, but it seems very necessary with sports photography.

I have to tell you, this has to be the hardest stuff to shoot. I suppose that’s why sports photographers make a good sack of coin and run about the sidelines with $10-20k of equipment hanging from their bodies. You only have one chance to get the shot. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any, but I’ll keep trying. If you want to see what I did get, here’s the photo set.

You know what? Maybe weddings are harder to shoot because you also don’t... Continue reading »