Telefizzled w.2

I was going to write this up on Saturday, but Lego Batman conspired to keep me in front of the Xbox and away from my computer. Not a bad thing I guess, but now I am going to bust this out before Chuck starts at 8 because I must watch Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster in glorious HD. Therefore, let’s start off with…

Chuck: Well, I did watch it first. So, Morgan wasn’t killed, but I am still hopeful. Sadly, looks like the character they teased getting killed was one of the handler’s bosses, the CIA one. Yup, he blew up with the new Intersect, so that means Casey didn’t have to perforate Chuck, even if he didn’t want to. Michael Clarke Duncan was cool as the baddie, but they should have given him a bit more airtime. Chuck and Sarah went on a real date, which was good, but now they can’t again, so that’s bad? Tease the poor bastard. Speaking of tease, when does Buster show up?

Big Bang: I actually want to quote some funny lines from this one, but I don’t have time and you probably won’t find geek humor funny like I do. Sheldon was rocking some old school Super Mario while Leonard was getting some light petting from Sara Gilbert and therefore exiled to the stairs. Sheldon hitting the Renaissance Faire as Spock on an alien planet was classic. You might have had to be there. Meanwhile, the barbie was hooking up with Intern Keith from Scrubs, who I think is a young clone of Eli Stone, to make Leonard jealous, I presume. They weren’t real clear on how they went from maybe having a second date last week to seeing other people this week, but whatever. You don’t really care and neither much do I.

HIMYM: Umm… Regis Philbin, best burger in NYC and no Sarah Chalke. Robin was hungry, but still cute. Nothing to see here this week. In fact, very weak. Moving on.

Gary Unmarried: Not cancelled yet. Changed the daughter from the pilot. She suddenly became a little blonde girl that isn’t believable as a quiet band geek with a crush on Al Gore. Really. Um… look, I’m just gonna treat this like I treat the ends of my Lost comments when I aside to them here, so Paula Marshall looked better than Jamie King, but she was whining about not looking as good because she’s getting older and couldn’t get out of a speeding ticket and I hate when attractive women complain about not being attractive, even when it is scripted. So, I think that means Jamie King wins this week. And, yes, I am glad she changed her name. That way I don’t have to say James King is hot.

Smallville: Let’s use a flashback to establish an unlikely history between Green Arrow and Tess what’s-her-face that replaces Lex while working in an origin for how Green Arrow became adept at archery. Oh, because he’s been poisoned in the present and has 12 hours to live. Weak! Lois looked nice though. In fact she’s been looking much nicer this season. Am I going overboard with the talk about the ladies? Pathetic? Yes.

The Office: I was watching it and Pam looked a lot like Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. Creed looked like Joe Biden and they were sniping each other. Oh wait… that wasn’t The Office. Move along.

The Hills: I’m sure it is there, OnDemand, I just didn’t demand it last week. Now I can demand it twice this week. Sweet.

Lastly, I was wrong about Life on Mars starting this past week. It starts this week. Again, you don’t care. I’m not sure I do either. Certainly not excited to see Lisa Bonet as an undead cop. Oh, she’s not reanimated from the dead? You could have fooled me. Right time of year though.