Posts about the crap I watch on the telly. At least it is the fake, scripted kind and not the reality, scripted kind.

Lost: The Candidate

Okay, really back in the flow now. Speculation abounds! (I seriously posted a lot of comments on this one.) I guess that’s what happens when you kill 2 main characters, 1 supporting character and lots more Widemore red-shirts. Plus, Kate got shot and Sawyer got bonked on the head. Lights out son! Seriously though, my thoughts over there are a bit more well stated than these. I’m just filling some space here in the hopes that you will click that link to go over there. And lastly, to get to this: bullet-hole Kate. Oh, what, you thought fish-food Sun? Meh…honestly, not much going on with the ladies in this one. But, that thing about the next Jacob not being a woman certainly seems to have come to pass.

Lost: The Last Recruit

I somehow got sucked back in to writing comments again because this marked two weeks in a row. I think maybe because they seem to be shaking the rust off and finally getting down to business. Took long enough. Or maybe it was just because writing that April Fools post kick started me in the ass. Whichever you like. And, since I am back, we’ll go with Illana; attorney-at-large. Va-va-voom!

Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

Oh, so in that faux-Lost review that I posted over on The Ed Zone for April Fools, I included a cry for getting Hurley some love. Well, that wasn’t exactly on accident that I did that because I knew that this episode, title and all, was upcoming. I’m a planner.

April Fools aside, I hadn’t really been commenting lately on the episodes until this past week. As I explained both there, and in other comments on “The Package” (as well as my one fake post), I am over trying to figure it all out. At this point, it seems like it is better to just see what happens. We know they won’t answer everything, so why ask more questions. That’s not to say I won’t be shocked about some things that still happen, which is what prompted a post out of me this time, nor will I not be interested in what others ponder about island happenings. No, I am simply just sitting back and watching the show, and Ed’s merry band of Lostralians, without a care in the world. Kind of like Sayid.

That might not be a good thing.

That said,  since I did post something and because Illana met a horrible, unexpected end, she is my pick this week.

Lost april fools

This year I supported Ed in another dastardly plan to fool the world on the first day of April. You may remember in past years such support came via e-mail or comments on a post over on his blog or setting up some real ads followed by fake ads on that same blog.

Those were pretty easy to do, but this year, in order to really pull off my role, I had to suffer thru a full half hour of NCIS: Los Angeles as research. Furthermore, and inexplicably, I sat thru the following FULL hour of The Good Wife because I happened to catch the Man in Black on it. Well, at least that little bit of serendipity was worth it.

Anyway, the joke was Ed would throw in the towel on writing weekly Lost reviews and I would decide to pick up th... Continue reading »

Lost: The Lighthouse

Thoughts are up on The Ed Zone. Not many thoughts this week. Not many women this week either. Game says: Kate. She was the only woman on, right? What? You think feral Claire was a woman? Hahahaha…

Lost but not forgotten

Or, really, what was once lost has now been found. I already had a post named Lost and Found from a previous year. And, I did forget that I am supposed to post links to my lengthy episode comments on The Ed Zone because I am not so much with the Telefizzled writing this year. So, since I remembered, here are links to the first three from this season:

  1. LAX
  2. What Kate Does
  3. The Substitute

For the game:

  1. Juliet (just pretend she’s not crushed under rubble; it is maybe her last hurrah)
  2. Kate. Obviously.
  3. Helen. Just kidding. Rose. Just kidding. Ilana. More like it.

Next week I will remember to post in a more timely fashion. Not that it matters. This is for me and not you.

Telefizzled out

If I were ambitious enough to dive into the archives, I would look and see what the point was in writing these posts for 34+ weeks. I think it was to show attrition in my scheduled viewing, so we’ll go with that and there was definitely some of that, but not as much as I’d hoped for. You see, I know I don’t watch too much telly, but I watch more than I’d like. Anyway, I am thankful for the break this Summer will afford, although Burn Notice starts back up next week.

So, before I try to remember what has come and gone, let me finish off with thoughts on three last episodes I caught this week and last:

How I Met Your Mother: This one finished up last week. It would seem CBS wanted to go longer than everyone else as a lot of their shows did the same. Anyway, no mother and no yellow umbrella, but it does close out with Ted taking the teaching gig and revealing that the mother is in his class, so I guess we are getting some teacher or student macking for this ... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.33

Pretty much everything is done now. How I Met Your Mother ends this upcoming week, but that is it. Okay, a couple other CBS shows I kinda watch, Rules of Engagement and Gary Unmarried, also end this upcoming week. Point is, this is the penultimate post in this series. The last one will close out HIMYM and I’ll still write something about My Boys, but hopefully I can write something about the network up-fronts and make plans for next season. Which, yes, does sound wrong.

Big Bang Theory: Other than Penny finishing the thought, or providing the real answer to the question, on the other side of the door, this wasn’t much of a season ender. At least make us think the guys aren’t going to survive their arctic experience or something. Sheesh.

How I Met Your Mother: Okay, so Stella just shows back up to put that possibility to bed. Fine. I’m down with that. But, Ted has been carrying around that damn yellow umbrella and that is annoying. We’ll see if anything pans out this week with that, but I just read in EW that they don’t plan on revea... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.32

Another week in the books and the end of this particular series is coming soon. Thankfully. While I believe this exercise is accomplishing its goal, I’m not gonna lie and say I have been enjoying it every week. It seems lately it has been chore, but that’s probably more because it has been going for so long and not because of the content. Most shows have been very good lately.

Big Bang Theory: Poop is funny. Space poop is very funny. You see, any spin on poop jokes is bound to make them better, so a potentially faulty space toilet gathers the lads together for an all-nighter to save Wolowitz’s bacon. Meanwhile Penny has another date with the comic book store guy and we find that she says Leonard’s name during some car snogging. So, I guess we are gonna go out next week the same as last year.

How I Met Your Mother: The yellow umbrella, which we know is linked to the mother somehow, makes another appearance. By the end, Stella (Sarah Chalke) makes another appearance. I’d be cool with her being the mother, but methinks she might be the one ... Continue reading »

Telefizzled w.31

Shows are starting to wrap up and I am wrapping up shows. Reaper and Parks and Recreation were officially removed from my Media Center record series list. I skipped both again this week. RIP.

No Scrubs or Ted this week because of yet another Obama presser. Do something instead of talking about it. Did I just say that? I did vote for the guy and I think he has already had more pressers than little Bush. (We know why.)

Chuck: Well, if this was the end of this series, it went out well. That said, I hope this isn’t the end of this series. Things broke down pretty much like I thought last week. The wrinkle was Bryce really getting killed this time (we think). Didn’t really see that coming. Awesome and Ellie get hitched. Morgan goes off to Hawaii with Anna, hopefully to never be seen again. Sarah chooses Chuck over the CIA. Chuck gains the power of Kung-Fu. Good finale.

Big Bang Theory: Vegas Baby! Vegas! That was about all the excitement for those guys. The real story was Sheldon and Penny hanging out after Sheldon locks himself out of his apartment with Leo... Continue reading »