Telefizzled w.20

Wow… twenty weeks of telly so far this year. Of course, that’s not a totally accurate count of the weeks in the season so far. Just the weeks that had something new on for me to watch. Speaking of that, this week didn’t start so well with Chuck and How I Met Your Mother not being on because of the Obama presser. I didn’t even get home in time to watch any more than the last five minutes. I’m sure I can find it easy enough in the tubes, but I don’t want to hear him say “Um” much more. He should probably work on that.

Big Bang Theory: They smartly tucked this one in after that Charlie Sheen show, so yay! for saving my Monday night. Christine Baranski was awesome as Leonard’s mom. She actually managed to get her son further along the bases than he could himself. Of course, he blew his chance. The Sheldon interaction with Leonard’s mom was the highlight. I guess singing some Rock Band together was their substitute for sex because surely they would have had it had either had any interest in it, which has (and was) established that neither does. Why am I talking about sex?

Trust Me: I read the other day that this show gets better as it gets further along, so I am going to keep watching past this third episode. The issue is I don’t really have a lot to comment on with this one. I like Tom Cavanagh’s character the most, but that’s really about it. Monica Potter has been tough to root for and Eric McCormick seems to still be playing Will, but just straight.

Scrubs: Back on track because Turk is back in the house sporting scrubs with a tiger blood splatter with chocolate tail. Of course, JD was just on the phone for that one, but that was clever too, especially when Cox tossed his office at the end looking for the phone. Intern Jo (Denise) is definitely my favorite. I like that the weird, nerd, geek kid called her “dude-chick” and she’s a chubby chaser setting a cheeseburger as bait. That Kelso loves the girl too speaks volumes, right? Looks like we are replacing Ed with the Sunny chick. That could work out. I like the interaction with Denise so far. As for Ed, looks like he is gone and is going to be on that Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation show. Loved the intern talent/sketch show. Loved it. Most of the bits were spot on. Okay, all of them were. Let me leave you with “Eagle!”

Lost: Comments about this week are over on the Ed Zone. Charlotte and her Geordi LaForge cybernetic eyes win this week, if only because it was her last.

The Office: Where the previous week was good, this second part fell a little flat. Yeah, I get that Michael is heartbroken, but they may have made him a little too creepy. They never made it clear if Pam was blowing smoke after she read the “Dear Michael” letter. You have to assume she was. I did like the cat nanny cam. Oscar had a great line in his interview after witnessing Angela cough up that hairball. I guess the best line was the very end when Michael used his mneumonic device to remember fat Tony’s name. That one was pretty good.

30 Rock: Best show of the year. Hands down. I laughed a lot. The only part that I could have done without is Jenna showing up to do her Mike MacDonald song. Can you tell I don’t like her? Everything was funny. Everything! There’s no point in even hitting highlights or lines because there are too many. Too many! Okay, okay… my absolute favorite part was Jack torturing the priest in confession. That was awesome.

Friday Night Lights: I already do not like the direction the Street arc is taking. Looks like they are going to pile it on this guy and he’ll have the sad ending to Smash’s happy one. Meanwhile, the hits keep coming for Saracen. Lost his starting job now and so I find myself hoping the little freshman gets leveled so he’s QB1 again. I’m with Tammy, I see Tyra going back down a bad path with the cowboy, but next week’s teaser makes it seem she’ll get a wakeup call soon.

Dollhouse: Okay, I am cautiously optimistic. The show had a weird, slow start and then got rolling a bit. It does seem pretty formulaic so far though. I get that that might be the case, but the so-called mythology setup so far is lacking. Should they have kept the FBI investigation out of the pilot? I think so. Get us going on the Dollhouse itself before introducing external stuff. Gonna keep watching though.

I did watch Burn Notice again this week and it was good, but as I said last time, not really one to write about.