Telefizzled w.21

Light week with a lot of shows in repeat. Now I kinda wish I was going to write about Trust Me and Burn Notice because both were new. I guess that’s what happens with these new cable network shows and that’s a good thing.

Chuck: So it is going to be like that is it? Are they just going to get Chuck or Sarah’s hopes up at the start of each episode and then have the other dash them by the end? Every time? Seems like that these days. Andy Richter, Jenny McCarthy and the creepy alien bounty hunter guy from The X-Files appear as part of a Fulcrum neighborhood watch. They were good for the most part. Richter not totally believable, but he was okay I guess. I wish he could get a regular gig and actually be good at it, or at least the show be good or those around him be good. It always seems like something. Lastly, I like that they are going to torment Morgan by having Big Mike date his madre. He deserves it.

Lost: As always, comments are on The Ed Zone. Booty Call Kate wins! (The joke just doesn’t get old.)

Friday Night Lights: Why is Riggins so dumb for a smart guy? He gets it, but his execution is horrible almost all the time. Am I right? I think it was good for the guy’s to see what Street really has at stake. Hopefully that, in combination with the pep talk from Coach, will get things right. Cuz, that’s usually what happens, right? Coach shows up and gives a good speech and all is right with the world again? I think I need one of those pep talks. Get my world straight. It is hard being the new QB1? How about being OB1? Hmm… kinda bailed on the Tyra and Cash showdown. Oh wells. Matt and Julie are back on. As if we didn’t see that coming. It is a good thing though.

Dollhouse: This should have been the pilot. This was a good setup for the show, so you wonder how many people it lost after that lackluster pilot. The mythology might be good after all. They should probably do a better job of casting dudes that don’t look alike though. When the Park Ranger first showed up, I thought he was the FBI guy.

This week looks the same with the addition of a 30 Rock.