Flixd: two

Not a lot to do as an intro here because I just posted a good one earlier this week. You should check that out if you missed it.

Okay, you are either back or just interested in this post, so here are the flicks I watched in February:

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
I thought I heard this movie didn’t have a lot of nudity in it, but I guess that was just from the leads because there was a lot of it and even more over-the-top vulgar humor than you might expect from Kevin Smith. Elizabeth Banks, Seth Rogan and Craig Robinson were all great though. Just watch out for full frontal Jason Mewes at the end of the movie; I didn’t need to see that.
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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Michael Cera seems to continually play the same sad sack character, but it works for him and I guess that’s why we like him. This is just one of those crazy night’s in the life of a teenager stories, but it was well done. You should check this one out.
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Mini’s First Time
Not sure exactly how this got in my queue, but I have to believe it was Alec Baldwin’s name that did it. He was good, but this movie was just okay because we’ve seen this same basic story way too many times already.
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You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
Okay, I did say I like the silly Sandler too, right? I even liked Rob Schneider this time. (Maybe because Emmanuelle Chriqui was in it.) Worth a rental for some laughs.
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Run, Fat Boy, Run
Simon Pegg and Michael Ian Black co-wrote this screenplay from Black’s original story and it was directed by David Schwimmer, so that’s a decent amount of star power there, but throw in Thandie Newton for eye candy and Hank Azaria’s bare ass (again!?) and you have a winner. Did that hype impress you? Well, while not as good as previous Pegg movies I watched the previous month, this one has a heartfelt story and had some funny bits sprinkled in of course. He’s not fat, he is unfit.
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Step Brothers
So, I didn’t like the start of this when they hated each other. It got much better and much funnier when they became buds. There are some bits that are very, very funny and I am pretty sure Reilly was better than Ferrell.
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Ghost Town
Greg Kinnear was very annoying, but doesn’t he always seem to play that role these days? So, he must be good at it or actually really annoying. Ricky Gervais and Tea Leoni are both great and it turned out to be another movie with a nice story and funny bits; like Run, Fat Boy, Run.
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Look for the next installment for March’s viewings at the start of April. Maybe by then I will be ready to admit how many chick flicks I have already watched this month.