Flixd: three

Last month I threw out there that I had already watched a bunch of chick flicks for this month. It was only five days in too. Well, the trend continued and no, I am not copping to all the ones I watched, but I will cop to all the d!ck flicks — thanks for that term Ed — that I watched to try and balance things out. If anyone wants to try and formulate a theory for why I like chick flicks so much, feel free, but be forewarned that any comments to the effect of me being gay will be ignored. (Even though you might be correct.)

Remember the rules here; a few thoughts and a rating. Nothing more.

Eagle Eye
As I mentioned in the comments of Ed’s post about this movie, I too had a line about WOPR planned for this one but he beat me to the punch. You should watch this movie and then maybe read my comments about it there. Don’t want to spoil anything.
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Can I claim a movie isn’t a chick flick if it was produced by Michael Stipe and features Mac Culkin as a wheelchair bound bad boy? How about Jenna Malone as a conflicted pregnant teen in a crazy Christian school? No… you are looking at Mandy Moore and making your judgment. You shouldn’t because this was good.
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The Heartbreak Kid
After Tropic Thunder I kinda made up my mind that I might not like Ben Stiller anymore. I kinda still don’t, but I do like Michelle Monaghan and she combined with a more better than not Farrelly Brothers direction makes this one worthy of checking out.
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Shoot ‘Em Up
As I mentioned in Flixd: one, this was the movie that Michael Davis wanted to make so he made a couple much different movies first to make the band and cred. This flick kills those and not just because it is just not anything like them at all, but because it is also not that much like anything you’ve already seen. Check your head at the door and watch this one for some cool cinematography and outrageous stunts and story.
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Transporter 3
After watching this one, I had the feeling it was a lot more like the second than the first, but then I caught some bits of the second one on telly last week (or so) and realized the elements here were in fact more like the first. In any case, the formula remains the same and Jason Statham continues to prove he might be the best action guy around these days (unless Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets off this Disney/kids movie train he’s been riding). Worth renting if you are a dude.
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John Tucker Must Die
This must have been in my queue for a while because I’m not crushing on Jesse Metcalfe Sophia Bush like I used to and it just showed up when I wasn’t paying attention. If you believe me, and you kinda should, I will admit that this was a pretty stupid movie, but it did have some funny bits. That said, it isn’t really worth a rental unless you are a high school or college girl. Like me.
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Superman Doomsday
Another animated DC Comic’s movie with a stellar voice cast. I could have done better without Anne Heche as Lois Lane, but pretty much everyone else was spot-on for my expectations. The story was decent but I can’t remember if it is totally in-line with the happenings from the original Death of Superman story in the comics. If you are Superman fan you should check it out, but I’d recommend Justice League: The New Frontier (see Flixd: one again) over this first.
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I thought this movie about two brothers fronting a dot com company just before it all went to hell was going to be right up my alley. It wasn’t and it was pretty bad. I’m still not so sure I don’t look a little like Josh Hartnett though; nor am I sure I want to because I think he’s kind of a douche, right?
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The Bank Job
Go figure… a movie that Jason Statham doesn’t literally kick ass in. (Okay, just the one time.) I found myself kind of bored with this story about a third of the way into it. I finished it off, but that doesn’t mean you have to… in other words, you should probably skip this even if you do have a man-crush on Statham.
[ob1 2]

Definitely, Maybe
Why is Isla Fisher so damn super cute? Given that she, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz are in contention for the are-you-my-mother story for Little Miss Sunshine it is pretty easy to figure out where they all slot in before you start and I’m happy to report I was right? You should give it a shot because it was a good story.
[ob1 4]

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
If Statham is Ed’s man-crush, then Simon Pegg may be in-line to take over for Zach Braff as mine. We’ll see if Star Trek seals the deal, but in the meantime, this little diddy is worth a looksie even though I didn’t quite get the point of Jeff Bridges. Pegg and Kirsten Dunst were the draw and Megan Fox and Gillian Anderson were just noise, even if she was very anti-Scully.
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Because I Said So
Lauren Graham and Mandy Moore. That’s why. (Or is that Because I Said So?) Diane Keaton is very annoying as the mother, so I guess she was good???
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Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Out of the handful of Woody Allen movies I have seen, I actually liked this one and it was probably because he was not in it. Javier Bardum and Penelope Cruz were great and Rebecca Hall surprised as Vicky. I’m still not sure what’s up with ScarJo’s hair though.
[ob1 3]

Made of Honor
You’d like to think I watched this for McDreamy — doesn’t anyone remember this guy was the uber nerd in Can’t Buy Me Love? — but of course it was for Michelle Monaghan. The movie and most of the story were pretty ridiculous though. We should all be bold enough to storm a wedding on horseback to steal our BFF bride-to-be from Scottish royalty and have it actually work!
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Laguna Beach: Seasons 1 and 2
So, I figured to fully understand from whence The Hills came, I should watch the start of Lauren Conrad’s faux-reality star career. The two have little to do with each other and I found that while half of the first season was tolerable, the second one most definitely was not so I fast forwarded thru pretty much every scene without her in it, because really, what’s the point? Actually, there wasn’t much point to this at all. I guess I forgot that is the point. D’oh!

Season 1: [ob1 2] Season 2: [ob1 1]

Yes, this month was all about girls with the initials M.M. because the two other chick flicks that were horrible, and I’m not copping to, also featured Mandy Moore. At least I approve of her marriage to Ryan Adams, even though I find the pairing to be kinda odd.

I will try to butch it up a little more next month, but be warned, I have started with Season 1 and 2 of The Hills because I hadn’t seen them. I know… I have a lot of work ahead of me.