Telefizzled w.25

Classy Jim on The Office

Scrubs and Lost are back but Chuck was lost. I think next week there is no new Big Bang Theory. What’s up with not having new shows every week during sweeps? I don’t understand. Also, that Better Off Ted show with the cushy spot between Scrubs and Lost started this week. It looks like I will watch it by default.

Big Bang Theory: The nerd herd makes barrettes for Penny’s new business adventure. Oh, and apparently a terrible web site. They should have maybe contracted out to me, but then, I don’t do contract work. Anyway, the episode was kinda blah until Sheldon closed it out zooming around in his Flash uniform. That scored back many points. Zoom zoom zoom!

How I Met Your Mother: I have to agree with Jason here, I am glad that Laura Prepon is already goners. Could they have made her more annoying? I know that was the point, but I really loathed her here. Meanwhile, I bought a nightgown nightshirt.

Reaper: Andi is the boss? Sure. I guess. Wasn’t she going to college last year? I forget. Anyway, no creepy Sock and stepsister stuff, so good there. The gang find out Ben is dating a demon. I guess it is okay because she eats cows and not people and is fair on the eyes. The soul storyline in this one was meh.

Scrubs: As I commented over on Ed’s blog about man crushes, I am now in the market for a new one. He was so right, Braff is just a little too femme this year (now?) and that puberty beard is just very, very hard to take now that it wasn’t the short term joke it should have been. As for the episode, Caddyshack gopher references are always welcome, but the stuff with Cox and Janitor were boooring. It is funny to hear Elliot giving relationship advice though.

Better Off Ted: As pilots go, it didn’t totally suck. As I said at the start, I think I will pretty much be forced to watch this for as long as it is the Oreo filling to Scrubs and Lost, so hopefully it is good. What else can you do with that half hour? Sure, blow it on Facebook I guess, but it is just so hard to get up off that couch. Portia de Rossi should be good as the boss and the two lab guys seem entertaining. Ted being parented by his daughter has potential too.

Lost: Comments are over on the Zone. I am going to continue to play the game with this show, but not any others. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go back two (w.23) and try and figure it out. That said, Juliet wins again.

Smallville: I am a little sick of the Jimmy and Chloe drama. I am pretty sure they will kill off Chloe at the end of this year as the Doomsday story comes to a close. Tess trying to out Clark was pathetic. She knows enough if she’s seen Lex’s stuff, so what’s with trying to get him to admit it. I didn’t really see any point in this episode. Also, if the guy is gonna jump out of the plane, at least have that kick in his flight power rather than have him drop like a rock to the ground. That impact would kill Tess, right? I know… this is comic book science. In fact, they had a similar debate on Big Bang Theory last year about Superman catching a falling Lois and not sheering her in three with his arms of steel.

The Office: This episode was very classy. I like that they finally did the obvious, put Michael under the charge of someone who would be a real manager in the real world and see how he reacts. Good stuff. I also thought it was particularly funny when the new boss pointed out to Jim that he was in fact Dwight.

30 Rock: Number one, I don’t care who Jon Hamm is and nor should I. The guy is on Mad Men. So what? Just because it is a critical darling doesn’t mean you can advertise him like you should know him. I don’t know anyone that watches that show never mind talks about it, do I? I’m glad he’s gone, so that’s about the only good thing about that half of the show. The other half with the Jack and Tracy contract negotiation was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed Tracy Jr. tearing into Jack about getting his dad back working again. Oh, and Tracy chewing out The Cos was good too.

Friday Night Lights: Another good episode. I think the conversation/moment between Julie and Tammy was very well done. Riggins continues to impress with his mentoring of JD and telling Buddy he needed to leave. I like watching this kid wake up to real life in front of our eyes. I wish I did at his age. I actually felt bad for Lyla and that felt kinda wrong to me. I really don’t like her. Then there is the Tyra and Landry thing and well, it is just going down the path you’d expect in the telly world, right? This kind of thing doesn’t happen in the real world, right?

Dollhouse: Still no hints as to who Alpha is, but the mythology took a front row seat during the waning minutes of this one. I had a feeling the neighbor was an Active, but man was that cool when she was switched between roles with “bad poetry.” Alpha’s person on the inside must be the tech working with Topher, right? Ah, who am I kidding, I don’t think anyone reading this is watching this show…