Fall foliage

…like a loooong time ago at this point.

Yes, I am sharing old photos again and getting that much closer to being caught up. Two more sets after this one, which is of some leaves that I peeped locally — as in mostly my yard or down the street — this past Fall. This is a small set of 27 photos (view the slide show at bottom of this post), so quick to check out if you are a fan of my favorite season of the year (my second being the one we just started).

If you get to the end of the slide show (or set) you’ll have a hint of what to expect next, but much better. (I included here because I got those the same day as some of the leaves.) After that though, I think you will be very impressed. Or not.

I’m going with not, but it is sooo hard to tell from the Flickr stats because they don’t count slide show views.

Oh… anyone get the wordplay there with the title? You know… cuz Sunday was Easter and you eat Peeps… but this is leaf peeping from the past… yeah… sorry.

(View the slideshow in full-screen by clicking that button in the bottom right of the player after clicking play. Your Esc key exits full-screen. That said, this one might not look as great in full-screen, but you do what you do.)

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