Telefizzled w.28

Do we really need more cop shows on television? Is every hour long show going to become a crime or medical drama? Oh, besides Lost, Dollhouse and Fringe and that… okay is every hour long show going to become a crime, medical or mystery drama? Oh… wait… then there is reality… when did this happen? It has always been like this, hasn’t it… damn. It took a horrible show like The Unusuals to make me realize this.

Chuck: So, Scott Bakula is Chuck’s dad, but also… wait for it… Orion. Can’t say I saw that one coming. I’m pretty sure this is all that happened. Besides, you know, Arnold Vosloo playing another character that seemingly cannot be killed.

Reaper: I fast forwarded thru about half of this one. I feel like this year hasn’t had me like last year did. Sock did seal the deal with his stepsister, so good for him and kinda gross for us? I still can’t make up my mind on how I feel about this thing. I guess it does have me talking about the show, but also fast forwarding thru it too. Also, the Sam and Andi on/off thing is getting annoying.

My Boys: Mikey kept his Amber Alert stache. Nice. The gang finds out PJ and Boo Boo are dating. The stakeout was funny.

Scrubs: Part one of an island story. Hands down best part was J.D. ordering Brady Tiki statue necklaces on the interwebs from Greg Brady who still doesn’t like regular doors. Ted had a couple good moments this week. I like that guy.

Better Off Ted: Bromancing the ex boyfriend? Way to go Ted. That will show her. The stuff with the racist light/electrical sensors was pretty good. As was the faux commercial about diversity that featured exactly two quick shots of non white folk with lots of white folk. I am kind of liking the way this show makes fun of big business.

Lost: Comments on The Ed Zone. Penny.

The Office: So, do you think splitting the hour into two episodes around another show makes it better? Maybe… if you watch the show in between and the commercials. Overall though, I thought they were good but not great. I mostly found the first one to be the better of the two. Michael and Pam setting up shop was better than the three of them in that closet. Dwight and Andy pursuing bromance over the new receptionist was okay and their musical scene was particularly funny. I really didn’t care for the second half, but maybe I forgot something funny… besides the bathroom noises.

Parks and Recreation: Clearly Tom is going to be the best part of this show. That’s all I got. What do you got?

30 Rock: I don’t know about you, but I felt like Kenneth was a little overexposed here. I didn’t laugh much. Layoffs aren’t funny and not enough Tracy.

Friday Night Lights: I am pretty sure I liked everyone’s ending even though they changed a bunch of them thru the show. You felt bad for coach until you find they offer him the other job and you know he’ll love beating J.D. and his daddy next year. It seems like a good way to introduce new characters too. Tyra getting in to UT even before the road trip was a nice touch. Billy Riggins got his head out of his ass enough to set Tim straight. Good speech. Bad hat. Can’t wait for next season! (But I won’t be switching to satellite.)

Dollhouse: Good episode with couple interesting surprises, although maybe the mole wasn’t a huge shocker. The woman in charge has, or rather had, an interesting secret. That Victor is quite the ladies man. Echo continues to surprise. I definitely like her more than Caroline. She should never come back.

Okay, so back to the cop shows. I always realized all the hour long shows were mostly crime or medical now, but do we keep needing new ones? How exactly is The Unusuals going to be better than Life on Mars? At least Mars had a better hook than this one. No thanks. I did sit thru Southland on Thursday night though. I might continue to do so when I don’t have a game to play or movie to watch or something. Not sure I will put it in as a recordable though. Reminds me of a grittier 10-8 which didn’t last long at all a half dozen years ago and I liked that one.