Telefizzled w.29

Anyone else want to water board the announcer guy at the start and end of shows on NBC? Anyone?

Chuck: I watched this show sorta in reverse. I got home halfway thru and just watched the rest of it on HD and then went back to see the beginning. It really didn’t seem to matter. The stuff at the Buy More was lame, mainly because they don’t seem to realize that Tony Hale just is not funny in this role. (The ending with Big Mike giving Morgan the fish was good.) As for bringing back Jill (Jordana Brewster) as a means to helping find where Fulcrum is holding Chuck’s dad, well it seemed pointless, but also annoying as this was probably a one-and-done appearance (to pub Fast and Furious?). Again, the ending was good with Sarah going rogue with Chuck. This next episode looks better.

Big Bang Theory: “Anything can happen Thursdays” seem like a good idea for this crew, but for me, I am camped in front of my television. OMG… these nerds have a better life than me. Anyway, Penny going on a date with the comic book store guy was funny, especially when she brings him back to her apartment for *coffee* and he ends up having a timely Batman comics debate with Sheldon instead while she sleeps on the couch. For the record, I am dropping Batman and Detective Comics until the insanity stops. (Superman comics too… we don’t need another world without Superman story, do we?) Sorry for the tangent.

How I Met Your Mother: Thanks to Mookie for looking up the punch line to the dirtiest joke in the world from this episode because I forgot. Wondering what that was, and the fact it got rid of Lily for the episode, was the highlight here. Okay, the ninja at the end was funny too. The stuff in the middle with Robin nailing Ted’s intern was boooring. Well, except for maybe Barney’s reaction to it.

Reaper: More other-son Morgan stuff. Sock’s stepsister goes back to Japan at end after Sock outs their relationship to her dad. Andi tries really hard not to like Sam. You know, based on this week and last, I am kinda happy this show likely won’t be back next year. It hasn’t been as good as last year and I am starting to wonder why I am sticking it out.

My Boys: I’m not gonna lie, not their finest episode. Kenny and Brando rolling into the hip bar was good, but haven’t they already done that bit before? PJ’s new columnist gig could be interesting, but they usually seem to ignore her job for the most part. Andy giving relationship to a naive Bobby was kinda funny too. I’m sure it is really like that outside of television land, right married folks?

Scrubs: Part two of the Janitor/Lady wedding was about as good as the first, which is to say just okay. Turk and JD in the water with the eel and Cox showing up with his “that’s about right… and you’re naked… perfect” joke was kinda the highlight. The actual ceremony was okay with them kinda outing The Todd there for the most part. Bill Lawrence (show creator and producer) was funny as the weird JOP. The scene at the end with JD and Elliot was pretty nice, but I’m not sure I believe him when he says he loves her more than Turk. Okay, so maybe this one was a little better than part one.

Better Off Ted: I half watched this one while making dinner. Linda being dosed by the energy patch was funny and the Veronica/Ted battle to sell more wrapping paper for his daughter Rose was pretty good. The Veridian Dynamics commercial in the middle was awesome:

Veridian Dynamics. Competition. Whether its animals or this old woman and baby fighting to the death. Competition makes us stronger. In business that means better products. Pills that look like candy, hands that can shoot lightning, and a new generation of hurricane-proof dogs. Veridian Dynamics. Competition. It makes everything better.

Lost: Thoughts on Ed’s post. Tough choice this week with limited screen time for the women. Let’s go with Juliet.

Parks and Recreation: Half watched this one too while making dinner. I don’t think I missed anything and Tom wasn’t very funny. I don’t think he and Rashida Jones are going to save this show on my schedule.

The Office: Cheese puffs. Pam and Ryan cluing Michael in to what Dwight is saying. Jim messing with Andy. Dwight and Michael going head-to-head. Dwight’s reactions to Michael’s sales call to his biggest client. The colors mean don’t say it. This episode was great.

30 Rock: I wish Jenna Maroney really did die. I like that the sexual harassment policy is loosely based on a night that Tracy Jordan had out with Isiah Thomas. Who knew that Meredith Vierra was such a sexual deviant? Lemon accidentally joins a highbrow lady’s fight club to avoid work? Nice. Once again, it would have been a perfect episode if they could have erased anything Jenna. Damn. “Heavy is the head that eats all the crayons. I’m gonna take a nap. See you in 10 hours.”

I watched Southland again this week and it was pretty good again.