Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

Oh, so in that faux-Lost review that I posted over on The Ed Zone for April Fools, I included a cry for getting Hurley some love. Well, that wasn’t exactly on accident that I did that because I knew that this episode, title and all, was upcoming. I’m a planner.

April Fools aside, I hadn’t really been commenting lately on the episodes until this past week. As I explained both there, and in other comments on “The Package” (as well as my one fake post), I am over trying to figure it all out. At this point, it seems like it is better to just see what happens. We know they won’t answer everything, so why ask more questions. That’s not to say I won’t be shocked about some things that still happen, which is what prompted a post out of me this time, nor will I not be interested in what others ponder about island happenings. No, I am simply just sitting back and watching the show, and Ed’s merry band of Lostralians, without a care in the world. Kind of like Sayid.

That might not be a good thing.

That said,  since I did post something and because Illana met a horrible, unexpected end, she is my pick this week.