Lost april fools

This year I supported Ed in another dastardly plan to fool the world on the first day of April. You may remember in past years such support came via e-mail or comments on a post over on his blog or setting up some real ads followed by fake ads on that same blog.

Those were pretty easy to do, but this year, in order to really pull off my role, I had to suffer thru a full half hour of NCIS: Los Angeles as research. Furthermore, and inexplicably, I sat thru the following FULL hour of The Good Wife because I happened to catch the Man in Black on it. Well, at least that little bit of serendipity was worth it.

Anyway, the joke was Ed would throw in the towel on writing weekly Lost reviews and I would decide to pick up the slack in hopes of convincing him his decision was rash. However, my review would offer little information from the actual show other than what lies I could make up or see from the week’s preview. Rather, it would instead focus on a *better* show that aired opposite Lost. Who better to pick on than that geezer CBS network. (Wait a minute, I watch a fair amount of shows over there these days.)

I feel like I pulled it off well. In fact, I was pretty happy with what I wrote, even if it was silly. And, based on some feedback, in comments or by spoken word, some folks didn’t seem to mind. Crazy!

The good news was the real review found its way into the tubes later that afternoon, but not without some casualties. It seems some people took the previous day’s post as the law and threw in the towel. Hopefully they have since returned, but it would seem the joke was just as much on Ed as it was his loyal readers. πŸ˜‰