Year in consumables: 2010 music

But, you are saying to yourself the year is 2012 when this was posted, so what the deuce? (Yes, you, that one person reading this… which is the same person that wrote it, but several years in the future reading it.) Well, to say you were lazy about writing anything for a long time would be an understatement. Good for you that you were bored doing laundry one day and decided to crank out a couple lists. Because you like lists. Lists make you feel better.

So, here is a list for 2010 and the one for 2011 will soon follow. So look for that in 2014. Or so.

Good thing you half wrote this list in the summer of 2010 or you’d really be starting from nowhere.

That said, it was a crazy good year for the music. So many discs dropped new or were discovered that year (according to my 2009 post I don’t do that here anymore) that I am going to miss some and some will be pushed off the classic top 10 and that isn’t really fair. But that’s the way it is. You could argue that there should be two lists, but arguing with yourself is weird and it is even weirder to write it as a blog post. So don’t do that.

Anyway, here is the top ten as you could remember it:

  1. The Black Keys: Brothers
  2. Spoon: Transference
  3. The National: High Violet
  4. UNKLE: Where Did the Night Fall
  5. Broken Bells
  6. Tokyo Police Club: Champ
  7. The Arcade Fire: Suburbs
  8. Gorillaz: Plastic Beach
  9. Vampire Weekend: Contra
  10. RJD2: The Colossus

And, so there were only three in there that weren’t on the earlier post. At least in terms of writing something about them. And there are of course lots of other albums that could be on there but you didn’t listen to them in 2010 because you got lazy about going to record stores in the later part of the year. And lazy about listening to music not on the radio because you weren’t able to pop in the earbuds at the job. So, sonic black hole, which is probably redundant. Nerd.

So, as suggested, the Tokyo Police Club disc really did come thru in a big way. So much so that as you are writing this you wonder when they will have something even newer but that you should spin Champ again soon. Or maybe you did right now. After you typed this sentence. And now it was playing “Favourite Food” as you typed this one.

The Arcade Fire won the freaking Grammy, that’s the music one, right? So, not much to say there other than it wasn’t my Grammy winner, but seventh is good too.

Okay, so it is ironic that “Favourite Food” has a lyric about coffee being icy, and you happened to be drinking your first iced coffee of 2012 as you typed this. Because it was a hella good, warm day in the low 70’s and you were stuck inside doing laundry. Good job planning that.

Lastly, The Colossus was your first exposure to RJD2 which you found via ad–sometimes they work–and music compatibility with one of your friends. It was a good album to code to, you know, when you actually got to write some code. I supposed it is good to rave to or that kind of thing, but you were never one for that. Loser.

Will the list in the pages for 2010 be different than this one when you read it right now? Go look, but probably. The Mumford & Sons album came out of nowhere on you after you decided you liked that folksy crap. And one of those limey guys got you when you heard him say something about “Sun’s out; Gun’s out” on the radio. White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club, Pete Yorn, Interpol, Ra Ra Riot and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club all also had excellent albums this year but you didn’t get good listens to them, other than radio play, until you got the Spotify invite from Joe later in 2011. Before they hooked up with Facebook. Which is that old social network all you future folk are over, but Spotify is available in your hover car.

Okay, electric car.