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Bucked by Zebras

Gillette Stadium

I know this is probably a day or two late, but I got caught up in watching the telly on Monday night and I just wasn’t up for posting immediately upon returning home from the game on Sunday night. The good news is this is just a short post. The bad news is the Pats lost the game, but you already knew that.

That there picture was taken by my shiny new Motorola Razr. Yup, that’s the highest setting and resolution, resized down and trimmed to fit here. Looks like crap, no? Well, that’s because it is. I wonder why they even bother with the cameras in the phones. They all suck. My old phone took slightly more crappy photos than this one (remember the shot of the grackle?). I understand that distance shots won’t be great, but c’mon, that is some bad stuff. I guess it will take a couple more years. Not the point though…

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