Spring Fresh OB1og

As you noticed right away, the blog looks a lot different. This design is something I whipped up over the weekend. I put away the one I was working on — as cataloged in Walk This World — in favor of something new.

This color scheme may not reflect me very well, but I did want to go for something with Spring-like colors to celebrate the time of year. In fact, it’s very Eastery too. The other stuff I had going on was a bit dark and not quite right, maybe better for Winter, so it could make an appearance then.

You may notice that there’s a lot of coming soon kind of stuff going on. I hope to have that stuff available soon-ish. Having this out there will drive me to keep working on that instead of fussing over color palette’s and pixel placements.

Hopefully I can live with this for a little while. I’ll tell you it already reminds me of a Crate and Barrel catalog. I dunno if that’s good or bad. I guess you’ll let me know.