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Bombed in

If I were drinking more this evening, that would be even more true, but I am only cracking open my third now. UFO White if you are wondering.

Anyway, the title is pretty easy to figure out… or actually, not. You see, I am bombing this one in last minute so that the month doesn’t go by without something being published in this space. This is much the same as what happened last July. In fact, much of what I was going to write was the same kind of crap I wrote last year. I just don’t have time before midnight to do it. Nor do I really have the desire right now. In fact, I haven’t all month. (As you can see.)

My idea in the previous post was to do half-year reviews and such this month. Well, work and… um, well, work got in the way for most of the month. I thought that being on vacation this week might help motivate me but I really pissed away the week doing almost nothing. I made a poor choice about when to spend time down the Cape and the weather... Continue reading »

K cards

Welcome to the summer, or rather, the “blog days of summer” as I like to call them, where not a whole lot of blogging happens! When it does, you don’t care. You’ll understand more when you read my next Flixd post. It won’t be pretty for almost all of you. I do have some other stuff in mind for you coming soon though. Kind of half year check-ins on the consumables idea.

Anyway, I figured I’d toss this up to put that first bit of info out, but also because Ed hit a number that needed capturing for eternity on the internets.

So, these aren’t the baseball kind of K cards (which you’d normally associate with summer), but rather, those that celebrate Xbox Live Gamerscore milestones. But, they just changed their site design and these don’t look like cards anymore; at least the parts that kept from the screen cap don’t. The new “cards” are quite large as they also include a full image of your avatar. Anyway, I cropped them a lot to show just the vital info.

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Shiny bits

At long last, here are the shiny bits.

I know, it is plain, but not as plain as what came before it, right?

Well, this is pretty much all the shine that is going to be around here. I’m going to move on to some feature bits. In fact, the reason getting the shiny bits out here took a little longer was due to taking a feature bit out as I didn’t feel it was quite ready yet. (Oh, and working a lot.)

Anyway, I won’t be working quite as crazily as I have been lately, so now I’ll feel up to coding a bit when I get home at a reasonable hour. Oh, and that means I can catch up on telly too. And Xbox. And comics (really!). And blogging.

You’ve heard this before. I know.

You don’t believe me. I know.

I can tell this because many have stopped dropping by as of late. I don’t blame you. Why would stop by if I’m not, right? Conti... Continue reading »

Another bloganniversary

OB1og +2

It doesn’t seem like I have been doing this for two years, but yeah, there it is. Today marks the start of my third year of blogging in the tubes. I guess, maybe I am clogging the tubes. Never mind.

I felt I needed to put something out here to mark the occasion, only, this isn’t it.

What what what?

Yeah, this isn’t it. I meant to have a bright new design up here today, but work and sleep conspired against me and I just couldn’t finish it enough to put out here. I have a good amount of the shiny bits done, but I am way behind on the new bits. The new bits are going to have to be rolled out over time, so no worries.

I guess, what I want to avoid is what happened with this space last year in that I started on a live redesign and didn’t keep on doing it. Sure, I made little changes here and there, but overall,... Continue reading »


I’m sure this is a slap to the face or insult to you fine readers, but my New Year’s resolution is to be a better, more frequent blogger.

Heh… you can stop laughing now. I am kidding of course.

No, I won’t insult you with that one, but let’s just say it is something I’ll attempt to get back to (if anyone cares anymore). It’s going to go hand-in-hand with an attempt to stay in better touch with faraway friends via e-mail. My life isn’t so busy that I can’t accomplish both, so I don’t see why I have such a problem other than feeling said life is pretty lame to continuously report on.

Actually, this blog should really serve that purpose, no?

As a (possibly hollow) show of good faith, my next post will be my year end best-of music post. If you didn’t guess from the Coming Attractions post, the one entitled “Ear wax” was to be a round up of music, but I’m going to rename it... Continue reading »

Coming attractions

Hey, so now that I have a job closer to home, I might actually start blogging a bit more often again. Finally getting the post up about the Sox and the relatively short post about the WGA strike are a good start, but I have been percolating a few other posts and I figured I’d share them. By getting this out there, it also serves as further incentive to continue some momentum.

Anyway, I’ll just tease the working titles and you can maybe figure them out. If you actually still read this blog at all and one of these piques your interest more than another, leave a comment and maybe I’ll get that one done sooner rather than later.

Here’s what I got so far:

  • Telefizzled
  • Lensgate
  • Ear wax
  • H3

I am pretty sure I am forgetting something already (this is why I need the list). My goal is to get... Continue reading »


So, I just wanted to post a little quick hit about not much of anything. Feel free to read anything about nothing.

Let me start with last weekend’s Sox and Yankees series at Fenway… our Sox dropped two of three to the Limping Empire. In case you missed it, that means they have dropped four of the last six, even before Roger rockets in to save their season. True enough, the Bombers — hey… Bombers and a Rocket… never mind — were still twelve and a half out at the end of that, but it has to have boosted their morale, yeah? The good news is we are still up on them seven to five for the season and we won’t meet again until August. Tough for them to make up ground on us if we aren’t playing against one another (and we don’t tank).

Anyway, dropping the first two to a decent Oaktown team — Haren? Yes. DiNardo? Really? — doesn’t have me brimming with confidence. I guess it is just losing the last three in a row is tough to take. Wonder if they’ve done that this year (I’m not checking)?

Speaking... Continue reading »

Live redesign redux

The live redesign I spoke of way back when I slapped my ZonEd template on the OB1og has finally begun. I stalled out on it because I found I liked the massaged template a bit too much to mess with it. So yesterday, I dressed things down to get this moving again… or started. Whatevs.

What you see here is the basic structure I’ll likely stick with for the blog post list, pages and posts. I’m sure more color and design elements will make their way in here, but what I am stuck on now is: To Home Page or Not To Home Page.

By that I mean, should the first page in be more like a traditional home page chock full of all the extra goodies and widgets that you don’t care about, or should it just be what it is right now?

What do you think? Leave a comment.


Today is the one year anniversary of this little here blog.

Yup, one year ago I posted Walk This World to announce my presence to the interwebs.

Have I progressed as a blogger? Probably not.

Have I grown as a person? Most assuredly; both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

I wasn’t sure what my goal was when I started up my own blog, but I figured I’d get there eventually. I recently wrote about my Blog Identity. Not sure I have done a good job staying on that path so far, but I will get better. I think I just said that in the last post too, but I believe it to be true.

Work has had me busy over the last month, so I haven’t had much desire to sit in front of the computer when I do get home. Nope,... Continue reading »

Whoz ur daddy?

Blogging slash blogs turn 10. Who is really the first *blogger* on the interwebs? Who cares.