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Shiny bits

At long last, here are the shiny bits.

I know, it is plain, but not as plain as what came before it, right?

Well, this is pretty much all the shine that is going to be around here. I’m going to move on to some feature bits. In fact, the reason getting the shiny bits out here took a little longer was due to taking a feature bit out as I didn’t feel it was quite ready yet. (Oh, and working a lot.)

Anyway, I won’t be working quite as crazily as I have been lately, so now I’ll feel up to coding a bit when I get home at a reasonable hour. Oh, and that means I can catch up on telly too. And Xbox. And comics (really!). And blogging.

You’ve heard this before. I know.

You don’t believe me. I know.

I can tell this because many have stopped dropping by as of late. I don’t blame you. Why would stop by if I’m not, right? Conti... Continue reading »

Another bloganniversary

OB1og +2

It doesn’t seem like I have been doing this for two years, but yeah, there it is. Today marks the start of my third year of blogging in the tubes. I guess, maybe I am clogging the tubes. Never mind.

I felt I needed to put something out here to mark the occasion, only, this isn’t it.

What what what?

Yeah, this isn’t it. I meant to have a bright new design up here today, but work and sleep conspired against me and I just couldn’t finish it enough to put out here. I have a good amount of the shiny bits done, but I am way behind on the new bits. The new bits are going to have to be rolled out over time, so no worries.

I guess, what I want to avoid is what happened with this space last year in that I started on a live redesign and didn’t keep on doing it. Sure, I made little changes here and there, but overall,... Continue reading »

Live redesign redux

The live redesign I spoke of way back when I slapped my ZonEd template on the OB1og has finally begun. I stalled out on it because I found I liked the massaged template a bit too much to mess with it. So yesterday, I dressed things down to get this moving again… or started. Whatevs.

What you see here is the basic structure I’ll likely stick with for the blog post list, pages and posts. I’m sure more color and design elements will make their way in here, but what I am stuck on now is: To Home Page or Not To Home Page.

By that I mean, should the first page in be more like a traditional home page chock full of all the extra goodies and widgets that you don’t care about, or should it just be what it is right now?

What do you think? Leave a comment.


Today is the one year anniversary of this little here blog.

Yup, one year ago I posted Walk This World to announce my presence to the interwebs.

Have I progressed as a blogger? Probably not.

Have I grown as a person? Most assuredly; both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

I wasn’t sure what my goal was when I started up my own blog, but I figured I’d get there eventually. I recently wrote about my Blog Identity. Not sure I have done a good job staying on that path so far, but I will get better. I think I just said that in the last post too, but I believe it to be true.

Work has had me busy over the last month, so I haven’t had much desire to sit in front of the computer when I do get home. Nope,... Continue reading »

Live redesign

I am going to be working on a live redesign of the OB1og for, well… as long as it takes I guess.

You see, part of the reason I wasn’t writing much, other than what I mentioned in The Blog Identity, was I was pretty sick of looking at the site design. When I started this thing, I had planned on doing it over at least every six months. But once it was up and running I let it go longer than that because the design was, IMHO, a pretty simple and good one.

So, as a way of getting around not making a change sooner, I thought that changing colors as the seasons progressed would give it a slight kick, but it really didn’t do much for me. When I took the time to bust out something new for The Ed Zone, I couldn’t help finally doing something here.

Since ZonEd 2.0 came out so well, again IMHO, I am going to use it to start off OB1og 2.0. There’s a lot I like about this design and a... Continue reading »

The blog identity

Hmm… I had been waiting for my one hundredth post to roll around with the hopes of having something special to write for you, but that just isn’t going to be the case.

If you haven’t guessed, this is my 100th post (195 posts minus 95 Asides), which to me is quite amazing considering it came in less than a year and I’m not exactly a writer. But then, I guess that’s what actually got me to finally writing this post and maybe it will be something special, or maybe just different.

Back when this blog started with Walk This World, I told you I wasn’t a writer, yet, that’s what I think I found myself trying to be much of the time. Trying to write game, movie, music, comics or television *reviews* like I was some kind of pajama journalist/critic.

I suppose doing that kind of thing gave me an excuse to post something, but it is definitely not a strong point and that is why I have abandoned that kind of thing over... Continue reading »


So… just a short post to commemorate six months of blogging here at the OB1og.

I had bigger plans than all this, but I sorta forgot and the date crept up on me. Oh noes!

Fear not intrepid reader, I’ll still follow thru on that and honestly, it is not a big surprise or anything. In fact, I feel a little off on it now because Jason has stolen some thunder with a Fall slash Halloween blog makeover at BBn. So, over the next week, or sooner, you’ll start seeing changes round these here parts. I’m going to start with just changing up the color scheme since that is super easy to do. After that, I’ll tryout some layout changes which will likely come from an abandoned design I worked on prior to the 1.0 scheme.

It would be cool if you’d leave me comments on what you like or don’t like as I make changes.... Continue reading »

Ima Web 2.0 Sellout

generate your own here

I am sick of all these Web 2.0 style logos and buttons and such, so I am happy to see someone poke a little fun at it by writing an image generator. Go ahead and generate your own…

About Last Night

I was bored sitting around the home-office during an application release for work, so I did some other stuff after writing the My Friend Flickr post. Now you have this little Aside to enlighten you some more.

I updated my About page to add my “plane struck by lightning” experience (surprised I forgot to add it originally since I seem to be a lightning rod) and another paragraph about school fun facts.

I also added a new Colophon page. Enjoy! (I sure did)

My Friend Flickr

Stars and Stripes

First off, everyone celebrate! This is my 100th Post or Page in the OB1og. That’s probably 50 more than I thought I’d get to at this point, but I guess a good chunk — 44 at current count — are just Asides, so maybe I am half-fluff.

Okay, the real point of this post is to point out to you that I have been making some adjustments to my Flickr photostream over the last month or so. Ever since I have upgraded to a Pro account, I have been playing with more features. I recently, as in today, decided to mark some photos as viewable by Friends, Family or Friends & Family only.

What does that mean to you? Well, if you aren’t one of my... Continue reading »