What About OB1og?

I noticed some visitors have been clicking on some of my neglected navigation links off to the left there, so I decided to bang a couple out tonight. I have added content to the About and Audio pages.

They are pretty fluffy, but what do you expect? It is hard to talk about yourself and do the bio. I think next time I’ll lie some more to make it interesting. I should open up comments on it to see what you flame me with, but my ego can’t take it, so just post those kind of comments on any old post you feel like, even if it is off topic… or this one.

The audio stuff is just my fave Top 10 of the moment, which changes by the moment as I buy new discage, but I’ll try to keep up with it. I’ll also add an all-time Top 10 there and something else I have been thinking of doing. Oh yeah, when I finally get around to typing up that full Generic Radio playlist, that will be under there as well.

The Visual page is something that will take me more time to work on, but I’ll focus some time there for the next update. For now, it just has a rolling history of my Flickr updates.