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More Generic Radio

I finally took the time tonight to type up the playlist for this show as I noted in my original Generic Radio post. You can find the playlist under the Audio section of the site. It’s worth a read because I quickly tell the story of how Ed and I met and you can also see what a complete dork I was back in HS, even if I still am now.

I doubt there’d be much demand for it, but it would be kinda cool to put together a podcast of this show, complete with my horrible DJ banter. Of course, I could always just play the tunes and update the talk in between the tunes.

Nah, you don’t want your ears to bleed.

What About OB1og?

I noticed some visitors have been clicking on some of my neglected navigation links off to the left there, so I decided to bang a couple out tonight. I have added content to the About and Audio pages.

They are pretty fluffy, but what do you expect? It is hard to talk about yourself and do the bio. I think next time I’ll lie some more to make it interesting. I should open up comments on it to see what you flame me with, but my ego can’t take it, so just post those kind of comments on any old post you feel like, even if it is off topic… or this one.

The audio stuff is just my fave Top 10 of the moment, which changes by the moment as I buy new discage, but I’ll try to keep up with it. I’ll also add an all-time Top 10 there and something else I have been thinking of doing. Oh yeah, when I finally get around to typing up that full Generic... Continue reading »

Generic Radio

There was a time when I thought this might be my first post. Around the time I was building Ed’s blog, I was digging thru some old stuff and found an old Memorex tape.

I don’t remember what I was looking for now, but I am glad I found this tape. I must have taken ownership of it at some point over the years from my Uncle Chris. It is labeled “Generic Radio 12-23-87” and it is probably the only recording in existence of a radio show I did in high school with my friend Johnny B.

John and I had a show on Rockland’s community/high school station WRPS 88.3 FM on Wednesday from 5-7pm. So, it was very small-time and definitely not like a Saved By the Bell thing either. I am shocked there was enough juice for my uncle to get that tuned in as far away as Milton MA. The iPod car transmitters probably have more juice these days.

Christmas time in 87 would have been my Junior year in high school and I think by that point we had been doing the show for almost two months. I ended up doing... Continue reading »