Fanboy Fodder 8.3

Hunter-Killer #6 coverI may have done something today that I haven’t done since my college days in Wichita. I went out to the comics store, picked up my books and read them as soon as I got home. This used to be standard practice while in school out there. After all, what else was there to do? In fact, some of us used to read our books in class as we’d go just before class.

Then again, back in the early nineties, the comics scene was pretty exciting. Nowadays, not so much. There was a nice surprise from Marc Silvestri in that Hunter-Killer #6 finally came out. He was one of those can’t-miss artists of that time that left to form Image Comics (and Top Cow). Maybe that was why I read them right away. It was either that or I had nothing else to do…

Hunter-Killer #6
This is one of those books where you think it was cancelled for some unknown reason. High profile artist Silvestri), good art, good writer (Mark Waid), decent story. I was going to liken it to every J. Scott Campbell project, but lo and behold, a new issue hit the stands. Looks like they are going to shoot for monthly again, at least for the next three issues as they had preview art for issues 7-9 at the end of this one. Anyway, I do like this book because of Silvestri’s art. The story was interesting in that the “Ultra” they were after would cause anyone he came into contact with would commit suicide. Turns out he was used by the government as a weapon and has now killed his entire town in his *retirement.* After being brought in alive, he is suddenly killed at the end of the issue, so I guess we’ll see what up with that. If we are lucky, maybe next month…

Iron Man #11
I have been an Iron Man reader off and on over the years. The first two arcs of this new series have been good and this is Part 5 of 6 of the second arc named “Execute Program.” It features Tony Stark, and thus Iron Man, used as an unknowing tool of assassination. It would seem Tony has an implant that shuts down some brain function to allow the real assassin to use him as a weapon without Stark’s knowledge. So far, we’ve seen him wanted by SHIELD and at the end of the last issue, getting thoroughly smacked down by The Sentry before he can kill again. However, at that very moment, Tony figured out what he needed to do to identify who was controlling him. This issue more or less featured him finding the kid pushing his buttons and SHIELD terminating him. However, the kid had a built-in failsafe which activates the Iron Man army/legion that Tony had been working on. I guess after the next ish, we’ll get Civil War tie-ins.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #32
Sadly, this issue brings the run of Greg Land and Mark Millar to an end. Millar did a decent job, but Land’s art will be missed (especially of the ladies even though they all look like each other). The tie-in with the Marvel Zombies (MZ) story has been great and the ending with Dr. Doom stepping over to the Zombie Earth was unexpected. He arrived back while the story in the MZ mini was running, but you don’t see him in that, so it should be interesting to see what they do here. I’m sure they’ll have a sequel to MZ, so whether they handle here or in the sequel remains to be seen. If the new writer sucks, I’ll drop this book. The artist moving over has been working on Ultimate X-Men and I’m not a fan.

Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2
Another annual, another lame story. I should know better, but I thought with them bringing back the Mole Man, it might be good. No such luck.

Runaways #19
Here’s a book that I have been enjoying due to the excellent writing of Brian K. Vaughan. This is probably the only series I have read by him besides his run on Ultimate X-Men and it is too bad I missed out on this gem for the 18 issue first series. With the death of Gert last ish, I wasn’t sure what to expect in this issue. Unfortunately, not a whole lot happened. Still not sure what direction Vaughan will take with Chase and Old Lace, but I’m willing to continue along on this ride. According to the Runaways Wikipedia entry, Joss Whedon is a fan of the book. Man, he and I must be teenage girls trapped in grown men bodies since we are also both unabashed fans of Veronica Mars.

Girls #16
I guess since Squadron Supreme, the Supreme Power sequel, has gone to less adult content, this book is the only one I buy that features the naked female form. Unfortunately, they are some kind of alien being that is usually trying to kill and eat the Earth women while seducing the Earth men. The premise so far is that a very small hick town has been locked into an Egg sphere with no way out or in. There’s a large sperm creature at the center and these Girl aliens have been feeding it the parts of the dead women they didn’t eat themselves. Meanwhile, the girls that have had sex with Earth men quickly lay eggs which hatch another grown Girl — who all look like clones of the *original* — within a day. I suppose the real interest here is the interaction between the men and women that have found themselves in this life or death crisis. The story has been a little slow to develop for my tastes, but I have been keeping with it so far. Not sure how much longer I can take it though. The nice Luna Brothers art is unique and great (like Greg Land’s on Ult FF) — they did an excellent job with Brian Michael Bendis on the Spiderwoman: Origin mini for Marvel — but it won’t be enough to keep my attention, and pesos, with a slow moving story.

G.I. Joe: America’s Elite #14
I have been buying this book, and some of the other series before it, because of a nostalgia factor. The old Marvel G.I. Joe series was the reason I got into collecting comics in the first place. I’m sure that all flowed from the toys and cartoon. I quickly moved into superhero comics, specifically the X-Men, once I started reading G.I. Joe, so I have a certain fondness in my heart for it. The good thing about the recent series have been the “growing up” of the storylines and the modernization of Cobra as a realistic terrorist organization. It fits better in today’s world than the one from the 80’s. The other thing is people actually die here rather than being zapped by a ray gun. Anyway, Cobra Commander has infiltrated the White House by taking over the identity of the Chief of Staff and is attempting to convince the President to replace the Joes with his own Phoenix Guard program. Meanwhile, the regular Cobra organization has been splintered and suffering without his leadership. It’s $3 each month for some childhood nostalgia. That’s worth it as long as they never bring Sgt. Slaughter into the fold again…

Finally, I also picked up Sensational Spider-man #29 and Civil War: X-Men #2 but cannot read those until I catch up on the other Civil War books.