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Watchmen movie posterViolence, sex, superheroes and a tricky d!ck. I knew to expect all of those things going into this film based on the epic mini-series turned graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I knew that director Zack Snyder was going to play it very faithful to the original work except for a change to the ending.

I knew all of this going in, but I still left the theater blown away.

Before I continue further, I am not really concerned about spoilers, but I won’t give away any twists either. I will talk about the end, but in fairly general terms. Just beware I guess.

Now, I haven’t read — but should read — Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300 upon which Zack Snyder’s previous film of the same name — duh, you probably heard of it — was based. I had heard that that film was also faithful, almost to a fault. (Or was that Sin... Continue reading »

Year in consumables: 2007 movies

Even though I made a great headstart on this series for 2007 (see music post), I fell off the pace and I am now behind my awful showing last year. So, I figured on this dreary, rainy Saturday night, I would blast this one out and then… go watch a movie.

So, unlike last year, I watched a good amount of Netflix movies too. (Just prior to last year’s post I was inspired to reactivate my long dormant membership.) Now, I have a tough decision to make… do I include those here? Obviously I am going to speak to the movies released in the theaters during the year, but what about those I missed there and caught on Netflix instead? I think I will include those, but of course, only those I have seen so far. I won’t come back here and update as I do so.

Wait… this is supposed to be a top 5 list… argh. Well, here’s... Continue reading »

Three se7ens

Not sure why I feel compelled to post something today. I mean, it is cool that today is 07.07.07 and all, but does that mean I need to acknowledge that with a post?

This is a post, so I guess so, but how to acknowledge it exactly? I mean, I can’t just post this and be on my way, can I?

I suppose I could, but I did have one little idea. I thought, maybe since there are three sevens, I’d do three lists of seven. And, since it is Summer, maybe have one list be of things I have enjoyed so far, another of things I have not and finally, the third of things I am looking forward to over the rest of the Summer.

Yeah, that works and it gives me a chance to fill in some blanks since I haven’t posted much lately. Of course, it hasn’t been officially Summer for but three weeks, but we all know we started thinking it was way earlier than what the solstice tells us, right?

Anyway, here goes nothing:

Seven up

  1. Transformers Yup, just saw it today and I’m leading off with it. Even if you are not a fan, of them or Michael B... Continue reading »

Three hundred

This is going to be short and sweet because I am so late to the party with it. I have wanted to post on it for a while, ever since seeing it and then reading Jason and Ed’s posts on it, but other things got in the way. I think I’ll be ahead of the curve for the DVD release though, yeah?

I found the premise of writing a graphic novel about this event in history to be quite novel. I mean, how exactly did Frank Miller get about doing this as a project? This is a guy better known to the masses for Sin City, Robocop, Batman (comics) and Tank Girl (heh… well, the original work was better than the flick. Oh where have you gone Lori Petty?). I’m sure I could do some research on the web for this, but I’m a lazy blogger today and like I said, short and sweet.

And, again, being lazy (and potentially dumb to do so), I’m going to go off what I remember as th... Continue reading »



Can you hear it now?

I had been formulating a post in my brain since the minute I heard the news of Roger Clemens going back to the Yankees, but I didn’t have time to pump it out.

Then, Ed beat me to the punch last night, so I was content to simply post a comment there. But, as I started writing, I realized there was no way I could express this as a comment, so I had to bang out this. I had to add a post to the Clemens fire in the Blogosphere.

I was listening to the Sox game on Sunday afternoon when Castiglione, or that new clown — not Dave O’Brien, the other guy — announced the Rocket made an appearance on the Yankee Stadium jumbotron. Ed and I had just taken in Spider-Man 3 and were headed back to his house for some beer and burgers, so when we stopped at a packy to pick up the beer we had a quick chat as we peeped our choice of brew.

We were traveling separately, so when I got out, the... Continue reading »

New Spidey Trailer

Black costume Spidey

New Spider-Man 3 trailer on marvel.com and iFilm.

Heroes: Collision

Claire Bennet from the Heroes mini-comic

Since this is two weeks in a row, maybe I should just plan on getting this out on Wednesday night and if I should have it done on Tuesday night, bonus for you. Before I jump in to my thoughts on the episode, make sure you check out this week’s mini-comic, from which the image above is borrowed. I happened to accidentally click on the first panel and lo and behold, a Claire Bennet MySpace page loads up. Has Google bought it yet?

I have watched this episode twice and it turns out I didn’t really need to do it, but it was still enjoyable the second time around. Speaking of which, and this is the last aside,... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 9.4

Justice League of America #2 cover (Turner version)This is about two weeks in coming, but I fell behind for a while and I am now catching up. This week was a heavy DC week, for me anyway (6 books), and it was the second week in a row I bought a ton of books.

Honestly, I’m a little bummed that it took me so long to read some of these books because it was a good week featuring the second installment of the new JLA series, Ultimate Spidey #100 and Ultimates 2 #12. On to the books!

Justice League of America #2 Since I didn’t lead the week issue one came out with its cover, I’ll give the honor to the second issue which features a Michael Turner cover. Kind of odd to have Turner handle the regular cover while the regular artist gets the variant version, but that’s the way today’s comics seem to work. Brad Meltzer celebrates being #1 (at the time) on the bestsellers list with his latest novel, The... Continue reading »

Heroes: One Giant Leap

Nathan Petrelli from the Heroes on-line comic

Since it is getting closer to Halloween, I thought I might run a screencap of Claire lying on the autopsy slab, but I thought better of it. What a way to end an episode, but this mini-comic panel compliments my current coloring better.

This third episode was written by Jeph Loeb, who happens to be one of my favorite comics writers. Loeb is a current supervising producer on the show and has served as a producer in some capacity on Smallville and Lost in the past. All three shows are in my must-see list.

I watched the episode pretty late last night, so I may not have caught everything, but I wanted to post soon so I could hopefully get some commentsation going before deciding if I need to watch it again (okay, so by the time I finished writing this, I had watched it ... Continue reading »

Fanboy Fodder 9.3

Astonishing X-Men #17 coverBig week to make up for the previous two light weeks. It all comes around to bite the wallet and this next week, really this week, which will be 9.4, is another big one.

Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to read the books last weekend, so I was able to read a couple during the week and I finished off the rest tonight. Yup, a true geek on a Friday night. Sitting home and reading comic books and now writing a blog post in the post midnight hours.

Astonishing X-Men #17 Had to lead with this book again. I mean, look at that cover! Look at who writes the book (Joss Whedon)! Look at the art inside the book! If this isn’t the best comic on the stands right now, then it has to be damned close. The handling of Wolverine has me cracking up and it should be evident from the cover that John Cassaday plays a huge part in making it work. The last panel rocked.

Runaways #20 Next book up is the book J... Continue reading »